21 million baht, the benefactor "Locust Chalada" said that he deserved to do it, not showing off his richness.

January 25, 2023 at 23:01

Grasshopper Chalada singerLook ThungThe famous woman gave an interview to Sa.nook.com revealed that in the year 2022 or the yearpast She spent a total of 21 million baht on giving back to benefactors. and those who fought overcome obstacles together until she succeeded Well done on the path of artists to the present, such as Teacher Jeans Laterite, Teacher Wasu Haohan, producer and teacher.song behind the success

“Why did you do that? because he felt It is something that we should do in each path before everyone is successful. It has many stairs. There was no way to succeed. It has to overcome obstacles. There has to be an opportunity, someone to help, someone to offer.”

“Ajarn Jean, Ajarn Wasu gave money in millions each, both of them are behind the success. more than productionsong but has also produced encouragement for hornets all along on the day we are happy We must be happy with those who have suffered hardships. come with us We shouldn’t be happy alone. or with someone else first.”

Grasshopper further said that if someone asked why she didn’t keep the 21 million for her own use, she would reply. “This is what he uses. Wasn’t used for paying people who are full with us. people who love us people who have grace with us.”

Recently, Grasshopper bought a house with furniture for 4 million baht and gave it to a personal manager. In return for the hard work, the singerLook ThungThe girl said that what really bounced back to her was the joy of seeing the smiles of the people who had the first home. I’m glad that I can play a part in bringing parents and children together together.

“That hornet gave the house manager And bought furniture for 4 million, that is happiness bouncing back to us fully because we saw his smile On the day he received his first home in his life We can remember the feeling of having a home for the first time.neverhave your own home Get up early in the morning, it’s difficult.”

“Then that day we were overjoyed. make his parents have the opportunity to be with children Gives children the opportunity to take care of their parents more than before, allowing them to be together. Hornet sees a smile father’s mother’s dessert (Manager. Personal) is like we have seen smiles. our parents.”

The grasshopper also said that if someone views In return for benefactors, the total amount is 21 million baht, showing off the wealth. she wants to say I can’t do it. I want to show off my riches. But it’s a show off of happiness and pride that can reward those who fight together. Difficult to come together as intended

“I think I intended to show off. In what I intendedsinkmore like giving back to people like this This is intended to boast that Hey, we did it today. We pay back the people who are like Come fight with us, trouble come with us. People who have taken care of us since we were young. Something like this, I did it and I was happy. Then I’m proud Annie intends to show off. But show off to be rich? I think I’m not showing off my riches.”

“Hornet is not like There is a lot of money, but the hornet, he tries to spell enough for himself. If the word is not enough 10 million enough? 20 million enough? It’s still not enough if we don’t know enough like this. It makes the hornet poorer. It’s okay. because life is dead It can’t take the money anywhere. In the end, it just went away.”