I really need an adultier adult to tell me exactly what to do please

January 25, 2023 at 01:53

MBA M2 24gb/1TB apple refurbished plus tax and apple care $2118

MBP M2 Pro 16/512 edu discount plus tax and apple care $2276.85

I am having a hard time 😅 I can’t believe I still haven’t made up my mind after letting this bother me for days. What it boils down to is I’m not sure if I’ll need the fans or not. Extra ram and storage with no fans, less ram and storage with fans. As far as I know, I wouldn’t ever push a pro machine to its limits, I don’t have the kind of talent or workload to do that and I can’t imagine I ever will.

Currently I don’t use a laptop, I have a 10 year old MBP that served me very well but my iPhone replaced all my computing needs. But, I want to find a creative outlet. I would be doing some very light photo and maybe video editing, just stuff of my kids. I also want to play the Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Basic streaming and web surfing, maybe a simple WFH job one day.

I can spec up the MBA a little and spend as much as I would on a base MBP 14” but I don’t want to regret my decision. I can’t afford more ram or storage on the MBP, as it is this is all at the top of my budget. 24gb ram sounds great, but… I really worry about the cooling.

I love the form and look of the MBA, I love the starlight color. Portability is important but it will basically go back and forth from my bed to my coffee table. I might end up taking it places with me, I don’t know yet. I feel like I want the MBA (specs higher, it’s ✨pretty✨) but I’m so afraid I will regret not getting the pro despite not being a pro user. Does apple charge restocking fees for returns within the window? I absolutely can’t buy two at once but I could buy the MBA and see how it does, I just can’t afford to lose money on making a return.

I know any machine is going to be better than my 2013 MBP. I am just trying to avoid mistakes as this is not a small purchase for me.