Small/light phone user frustration with Apple

March 18, 2023 at 19:18

As a fan of small/light phones, I feel like I’m at a crossroads with Apple after at least 15 years. I really appreciate that Apple dared to be different in 2020 when they came out with the iPhone 12 mini (which I upgraded to the 13 mini). It was the phone I had been dreaming of ever since the iPhone 5. Sadly it only lasted 2 years. So now what are small/light phone fans to do if they want newer features? It’s unlikely that the mini will ever return, so what’s the next best option? The SE is a joke. It’s looking more and more like the iPhone 15 lineup is going to be more of the same with newer feature going to the “Pro” line. I was really hoping for always on display and dynamic island in the in the base 15 models and now it looks like the only thing they will be getting is dynamic island. So why not just go with the Pro? Well, it’s 47% heavier than the mini and as someone who wears light short year-round (south Florida) that is significant. I was able to get a great deal on a base Samsung S23, which is only about an ounce heavier than the mini and I’ve been able to play around with that on a T-Mobile Digits line. It has many of the things I’m looking for in an upgrade including 120hz and always on display, among other things. It’s a great phone in many respects. I don’t want to leave Apple because I’m so heavily invested in the ecosystem and their biometrics are still so much better than Samsung, but it’s leaving me mighty frustrated about where I go with them moving forward. Sorry, just had to vent at some of the latest rumor news. Maybe Apple will surprise me come September.