Ultimate Guide to Machine Learning with Python (e-books bundle)

May 04, 2021 at 11:05

This bundle of e-books is specially crafted for beginners. Everything from Python basics to the deployment of Machine Learning algorithms to production in one place.

What's included?

• Ultimate Guide to Machine Learning with Python e-book (PDF)

• Full Source Code with all examples from the book (Jupyter Notebooks)

Six additional bonus materials:

• Bonus #1: Python for Data Science (PDF + Full Source Code)

• Bonus #2: Mathematics for Machine Learning (PDF)

• Bonus #3: Guide to Data Analysis (PDF + Full Source Code)

• Bonus #4: Neural Networks Zoo (PDF)

• Bonus #5: Access to a private Discord Community

Visit the page to learn more: https://rubikscode.net/ultimate-guide-to-machine-learning-with-python/