Unexplained App Download

July 22, 2021 at 04:55

Ok a bit of unexplained behavior here….

When I first used my iPhone 8 running iOS 14.6 yesterday, I found that Pokemon Go had somehow downloaded onto my device and was sitting right there on my home screen. The problem I am having is explaining how Pokemon Go got downloaded to my phone. 1) This is my only iOS/macOS device, so automatic app download shouldn’t apply. 2) I have 2 factor authentication turned on, so I don’t think my Apple ID has been hacked without me knowing. 3) No one but me has touch my phone this week.

So how did Pokemon Go get onto my phone? And how worried should I be about this? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I did do a search for this and found an Apple Discussions thread where 3 other people had the same experience this week. So there might be some other examples of this, although admittedly, 3 people is a pretty insignificant sample size.