Ahmed Elbatrawy's New Real Estate Platform Expected to Boost Qatar's Real Estate

September 26, 2022 at 03:13

The Middle East has one of the world's fastest-growing real estate industries, with over 5 million rental homes and a cumulative value of more than $1 trillion in the region. As a result, many investors throughout the world have taken notice.

The challenge, however, is that these investors frequently do not know where to begin, and real estate brokers often find it challenging to find the best properties for their clients. The lack of solutions in this process has frequently resulted in people making rash decisions or abandoning their plans to invest in Qatar real estate or anywhere else in the Middle East.

Building the first ever Multi Listing Solutions in the Middle East

To address these concerns, innovator Ahmed Elbatrawy has collaborated with CoreLogic and their cutting-edge algorithmic technology to create the region's first Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS platform will connect prospective investors and homebuyers to properties in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. It will also serve as an avenue for property buyers, investors, and tenants to communicate with real estate agents and developers.

"This is not just a platform to visit; we are creating a whole business model that will change the real estate business in the [entire] Middle East," says Elbatrawy.

Elbatrawy's MLS makes it easy for buyers to obtain everything they need, from tax information to title documents, and build value for all communities to demonstrate activity in the area. The platform will provide a wide array of valuable resources and tools to empower users in making the most informed decisions possible. MLS will have everything from mortgage calculators to recommendations on the best times to purchase or rent. In addition, users will have access to insider information on the latest emerging districts in the Middle East.

"With MLS, you can also browse through listings of properties in their area and schedule viewings at their best available time. This convenient tool will help them see all the properties that interest them without having to work around someone else's schedule," says Elbatrawy.

The Man Behind the Vision

Real estate tycoon Ahmed Elbatrawy was motivated to build the platform after witnessing the vast potential of the Middle East's real estate market, which remains untapped due to its lack of regulation. Being a forward-thinker and problem solver, he sought to create a solution that empowers consumers to make responsible real estate decisions.

This multi-listing service (MLS) platform will boost the real estate business in any country with over 200% of the global reach and it's time for all the Arab world now to do order to implement the system to be connected to the rest of the world and show all the real estate products and investment.

"When I visited Egypt, I realized that the real estate here is large but unregulated. So I wanted to make a platform that would fix that. This will be the biggest multi-listing platform in the region that will revolutionize the real estate market, help the property owners earn more, and help the users find the best home for them," Elbatrawy shares.

He moved to the United States 30 years ago after growing up in Egypt, where he built a career in international real estate. His track record includes million-dollar deals in Orlando, Cairo, Beverly Hills, and Saudi Arabia.

Elbatrawy believes that the MLS will be the most trusted source for accurate and up-to-date listings for properties across the region. The platform allows governments, brokers, and developers to earn billions of dollars in extra real estate transactions and provides a secure and trusted place for buyers, sellers, and tenants to make decisions.

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