BareLily: Filipina Owned CBD Skincare Line is Inspired by the Desire For Self-Care

February 16, 2022 at 20:22

Being a mom does not mean you don't have the time to take care of yourself. Being selfless is as important as putting one's self first. That is why Gina, a wife, mother, and businesswoman, knows it is important to take care of herself as she takes care of her family.

One of the things she realized that she should also be taking care of is her skin. She's not a fan of heavy makeup. Lipstick, face powder, and a little eyelash curling are all she needs for the day.

But as much as she wants to have the time to look for products that would suit her skin, she can't. One of the challenges for her was looking for the right product that would fit her skin type.

"Being a Filipino with mixed heritage, my skin type was very difficult to find products for, and nothing I tried worked," Gina said.

It was the frustration that led Gina to collaborate with her cousin, actress, and content creator Lj Moreno Alapag, to create BareLily.

BareLily was created with the goal to provide busy moms like themselves with skincare products that are both effective and efficient.

BareLily is not your typical skincare line. The brand offers cannabidiol (CBD) products, created from hemp. It is a product from nature that will naturally help the cells regenerate. They provide products used for skincare like face wash, lip balm, moisturizer, under-eye serum, Vitamin C serum, and facial toner.

Why BareLily?

BareLily, like the flower lilies, represents devotion and purity. Gina and Lj chose the name Barelily because of their desire to offer pure, clean, and intriguing products that engender feelings of love, trust, passion, and glamor.

Vision and Mission

Their vision is to have a community where everyone from all walks of life feels confident when using BareLily products. Because just like any other routine, getting consistent with skincare and having the right product can help anyone feel in control over themselves and their appearance.

BareLily will help empower oneself to take on bigger challenges and face fears that may be causing low self-esteem. And working towards better skin with the help of their product opens the door for a new and healthy lifestyle.

They aim to cultivate beauty that exudes from outside in. Ultimately breaking the standards that society feeds beyond culture, age and gender.

BareLily is committed to providing and promoting the highest most natural quality ingredients. Utilizing safe and innovative science while at the same time taking care of the environment, nature, and the human race.

Baden Bower

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