Bosco App's Mood Detection: everything you need to know about this trailblazing technology

March 16, 2022 at 12:06

In today's digital society with the ever evolving prevalence of the internet and the fast-paced onset of the metaverse, protecting our children from digital predators and risks has never been more critical. Bosco uses advanced and predictive data analytics to prevent children from online threats. The brand's holistic approach to digital safety allows the child to explore apps, websites, and social media platforms while giving their parents the peace of mind that they will be immediately notified if anything threatening comes along.

Bosco App's mood detection through a revamped version of voice recognition is the app's most innovative feature, one that makes it the most preferred parental control app of choice. Here are 3 key facts parents should know about this trend-setting technology.

Creates a unique voice profile

Through frequent use, Bosco's voice recognition technology lets its AI and machine learning create a unique voice profile that interprets and develops a catalogue of mood changes in the user's voice, in any given situation. The mood detection feature has 3 types: "seems happy", "just fine", and "signs of bad mood." The app's 3-layer algorithm also considers differences in age, gender, culture, and behavioural traits of each child.

Analyzes the how, not the what

While most parental control apps only note actual words said or typed, Bosco's predictive intelligence and in-depth analytics consider other factors as its artificial intelligence continues learning about the child's online behaviour. Parents will no longer have to worry about what would typically be undetectable by standard algorithms through voice recognition technology that can effectively detect the changes in a child's voice when conversing over the phone.

Guarantees child privacy

Although parents are given the general mood of any phone call conversation, the actual phone call is not disclosed. Every bit of data goes through unique encryptions and the app's servers are also protected by SSL. Bosco also ensures that none of the sensitive data is shared to any 3rd party sites, channels, or servers.

Bosco App is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. As the app continues to improve its services and features, its developers are also open to hearing feedback and suggestions from its users through emailing

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