Arizona Holistic Rehab Center Puts Clients Onto Path Of Lasting Recovery

May 03, 2022 at 16:17

Youngtown, Arizona -

Sun City, AZ based Emerald Isle Health & Recovery would like to highlight their suitability as a fully-featured holistic rehab for Arizona residents and those across the United States. With holistic treatment, the underlying causes of addiction and behavioral health issues are fully explored, whether dual diagnosis or mental health primary care is needed. This approach ensures that treatments will always seek to uncover the root cause behind any issue instead of merely addressing its symptoms. Those seeking holistic rehab treatment in Arizona need only contact the center’s representatives today to get started.

The term ‘holistic’ here refers to the practice of considering the person as a whole instead of a single or limited aspect of their being. For instance, a patient is not merely defined by their illness or condition, and the challenges they face can impact their mind and spirit as well as their physical form. Many holistic treatments, such as those used at Emerald Isle, tend to be employed in concert with conventional medicine to lay the path towards a comprehensively healing outcome. As such, patients who trust their recovery to Emerald Isle will find that their psychological, physical, and spiritual needs will simultaneously be accounted for.

A singing bowl is used to help relaxation at top holistic rehab programs such as Emerald Isle Health and Recovery with locations in Sun City AZ and Surprise Arizona

Many will already understand that various medications and treatments exist that individually show some success at helping people recover from addiction. However, Emerald Isle states that alternative approaches such as acupuncture, yoga and meditation have been shown to help people be more mindful during their recovery as well, which plays a key role in their ability to stick to their program and commit themselves to healthy goals. The center is quick to clarify that their holistic approach does not replace any existing methodology. Instead, it is effectively used to support them. Patients who experience holistic treatment, for instance, will often find themselves better equipped to use the tools taught to them by their mental health professional since it helps them gain a crucial perspective of their situation.

Emerald Isle adds that they have also seen great success in treating clients suffering from high functioning depression. In many cases, they explain, people suffering from this condition will suffer in silence since they are able to live independently and support themselves. As such, it may be difficult for their loved ones to notice anything is amiss. This form of depression is also known as dysthymia, and it is almost impossible to identify in a regular setting. This is especially true given that the depressed individual may avoid bringing up their difficulties in order to prevent their loved ones’ worrying about them. Furthermore, patients in this situation may not even believe that they need help.

While it is much harder to identify a person with high functioning depression, there are certain signs to look out for that may help. Emerald Isle emphasizes that it is difficult — but not impossible — so learning these signs may be of enormous benefit.

Since depression makes it harder to experience joy, a high functioning depressive may be unable to celebrate their successes in the same way most would be expected to. Sustaining joy or happiness is much harder, so they will not be able to do so in most circumstances. Similarly, despite being ‘high functioning,’ it must be noted that this is often relative to low functioning depressives, who will have problems supporting themselves (such as by holding down a job, making social engagements and so on). A high functioning depressive can do all this, but they may be unmotivated to go any further. In most cases, they will feel exhausted by their regular day and not want to put in extra work to push themselves ahead, especially if they work to maintain the facade that they are all right.

There are many other signs to look out for, and Emerald Isle is always ready to help educate their community on this subject as well as a host of others. Their services are designed to help those with mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders and more (including a combination of these conditions), and concerned parties are welcome to contact the center today for more resources. Getting help for families of addicts is also an easy process with Emerald Isle.


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