AutoworX Pro Detailing Is Offering Ceramic Coating Boat Detailing Services in Wilmington NC

March 14, 2023 at 16:09

AutoworX Pro Detailing is offering Bespoke Marine Ceramic coating for all kinds of watercraft including boats, yachts, jet skis, and sport boats as a part of its marine detailing packages.

AutoworX Pro Detailing has been helping boat owners restore their marine vessels for over 35 years. The company offers full-service washing, cleaning, compounding, waxing, and detailing using top-of-the-line environmentally friendly products from Bespoke Ceramic Coating. In fact, the company is a certified Bespoke Marine Ceramic Coating Installer, an honor bestowed only to the top Bespoke Ceramic coating installers in the country.

boat ceramic coating

Bespoke Opulence Marine Ceramic Coating is, as the company claims, the most complete protective coating for the marine industry. It offers a range of benefits over traditional wax and polymer sealants including superior UV protection, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, fouling release, all-surface protection, durability, and gloss.

Created using advanced nanotechnology, the ceramic coating bonds to the exterior surface of the boat and forms a rigid, flexible super-slick glass shield. The substrate is protected as the corrosive underwater elements don’t adhere to the repellent coating. A Bespoke Ceramic Marine coating offers protection against corrosion from salt water and the accumulation of algae or shells on both the underwater and above-water parts of a boat or yacht.

The spokesperson for AutoworX Pro Detailing, Mark Johnson talks about the benefits Bespoke Ceramic Opulence Marine coating offers to boat owners by saying, “A ceramic coating reduces the cleaning time after a day on the ocean and often just requires a hose down and wipe off with cotton towels. If you don’t have that smooth Bespoke Ceramic Opulence finish, you might need to wash and scrub your boat with soap and water to get that clean look. Your boat will also experience less hull drag and be more resistant to the corrosion that normally eats away the metal exterior with age. So, regular ceramic coating is going to save you time and money in the long run. With summer fast approaching, now is the time to have your boat detailed and have a ceramic coating applied.”

AutoworX Pro Detailing’s marine detailing services start with packages using the Bespoke Elevate Marine Ceramic Coating which offers 12-month protection. The Bespoke Elevate Marine package is designed for new or recently detailed and coated boats. The included services are pre-soak soap foam, clean cushions, rust stain removal, clean non-skid, complete hand wash, water stain removal, clean compartments, clean canvas, clean isinglass, multistage cut & gloss enhancing polish, and 1 layer of Bespoke Elevate Marine Ceramic Coating.

Customers can also opt for the Bespoke Select Marine Ceramic Coating package which offers 18 to 24 months of protection. It includes 1 layer of Bespoke Select Ceramic Coating topped with a layer of Bespoke Elevate Marine Ceramic Coating. Finally, customers who are avid seafarers can opt for the Bespoke Opulence Marine Ceramic Coating package which includes 1 layer of Bespoke Opulence Marine Ceramic Coating topped with a layer of Bespoke Elevate Marine Ceramic Coating and offers three years of protection.

“If you are passionate about the open water then getting your prized possession detailed regularly is a no-brainer,” Mark says, “With every ocean or river outing, the water is chipping away at your boat, cutting into its lifespan. A properly applied boat ceramic coating will keep it as close to pristine as it will ever be. Your boat will not only be the envy of the harbor but you will also get many more years out of it – a great return on your investment. With our expert crew here at AutoworX Pro Detailing, you get the best people for the job who will care for your boat like it is one of our own.”

Readers can call AutoworX Pro Detailing in Wilmington, NC, at (910) 228-5051 to get a fast and free no obligation estimate for their boat detailing or any other watercraft. The company also offers full-service detailing for a range of other vehicles including cars, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, and aircraft.


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