Basement Remodeling Contractor for Mount Prospect Receives Glowing Review

April 04, 2023 at 23:17

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, a remodeling contractor based in Harwood Heights, that allows homeowners in Mount Prospect and nearby areas to transform their idle basement into a more space in the home is proud to announce they have recently received a glowing review from a satisfied customer. Knowing very well that a remodeling project can be an unpleasant and stressful experience for a homeowner, they are committed to ensuring that their clients get the best service and products for their needs and preferences.

In the above-mentioned review, Gerald G. gave them a five star rating and said, “Premier Kitchen & Bath is a top-notch team of professionals, who swiftly addressed all our misgivings and provided us with quality service. The communication throughout the entire process was exemplary - from initial contact to final delivery. All in all, we left absolutely content and extremely grateful for their assistance! If you're seeking an efficient company that handles it all for you, then your search ends here: no other can compare to Premier Kitchen & Bath.”

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

A representative for Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling says, “With our experienced team, you can tap into your basement’s unrivaled potential and bolster the resale value of your home! As prospective buyers contemplate a new property, they consider any improvements made to it. Take advantage of this opportunity to make them think twice by upgrading your residence today – that way they’ll have even more reasons to choose yours over others. From recognizing strategic areas for development to calculating returns on investments correctly – we’ve got everything covered. Check out our Google Maps page is you need directions to Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.”

A basement remodeling can provide several advantages for the homeowner and the whole family. First, the basement space can be used as an additional room for the home, such as a guest room, a storage room, or a recreational room. The remodeled basement will usually not be considered when specifying the total square foot area of the home when selling the home but many prospective buyers would prefer to purchase a home with a remodeled basement for obvious reasons as it offers more space for the homeowner and the family.

A second reason for remodeling a basement is the substantial return on investment (ROI) that it can offer. In general, a remodeled basement can offer an ROI of 70 to 75 percent. A third reason is the more usable space in the home, especially if zoning restrictions prohibit the homeowner from making additions to the property. A fourth reason is that remodeled basements can significantly increase the market value of the home. The fifth reason for remodeling a basement is that it allows the homeowner to have a cohesive style for the entire home by making sure that the style used for the basement is the same style used for the other parts of the home.

The representative for Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling says, “Need some inspiration to start your basement remodel? Look no further than Premier basement remodeling. We provide the highest quality in craftsmanship, design, and execution for clients throughout Mount Prospect.”

Founded in 2010, Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a certified remodeling company that delivers residential home remodeling services and one of the places they serve is Mount Prospect and neighboring areas. They have 35+ years of knowledge and experience in the interior remodeling industry. One of their remodeling specialists will be guiding the client at every step of the way of the basement remodeling process. They will also help the homeowner in choosing the appropriate products to use and deciding on the different details of the basement remodeling project in Mount Prospect.

When in need of a contractor for basement remodeling Mount Prospect residents can check out the Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling website or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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