Bayou Fox Hooters Sees an Unprecedented 4 Girls Selected for the Upcoming 2023 Calendar

October 04, 2022 at 16:03

Destin, Florida -

The Bayou Fox Franchise of Hooters has seen its popularity grow immensely over the years in its Destin and Pensacola Beach, Florida locations. Much of this is due not only to the outgoing hospitality and great food the restaurant provides to its customers but also because they like to take an active role in their community and the greater Hooters family as well. That’s why Director of Operations for the Bayou Fox Franchise, Carly Dockery, was pleased to announce that they have had an unprecedented 4 girls selected for the upcoming 2023 Hooters Calendar. A feat that looks even more impressive when one realizes that Hooters has some 429 sports bars located across 39 states and in 29 international locations which it can select girls from for its annual calendars. She went on to say that the 4 girls that were selected from the Bayou Fox Franchise of Hooters include Jazzmyn from the company’s Pensacola Beach location and Devrie, Jasmine, and Baylee from their Destin location.

Devrie from Destin Hooters stated, “For me being selected as a Hooters calendar girl means the world to me. I have worked so hard and have been honored to have won “Miss Bayou Fox” and compete in the Miss Hooters International Pageant in Lake Tahoe earlier this year. This is honestly the cherry on top of a great year!” Jasmine, also from the Destin location, said “Hooters has brought so many opportunities to me, and I am so grateful and happy to have been chosen for the calendar again this year!” Baylee the 3rd Hooters Girl from the Destin location mentioned, “I am not only ecstatic about being selected for the 2023 calendar because there were so many beautiful Hooters girls to choose from, but I am also excited about the opportunities that may come along with this. I can’t wait to be featured in the month of November!” Jazzmyn from Pensacola Beach Hooters was quoted as saying, “I love working for Hooters! They provide so many fun opportunities and this is just so exciting for me. I’m so shocked but so grateful to have been chosen. Our company has so many amazing women working for them, this is truly an honor.”

Carly went on to say that they are not only happy to be represented in the upcoming Hooters calendar by so many energetic and fun Hooters Girls, but they also like to get out into the community and spread some joy and happiness too. She says the Pensacola Beach Hooters, where Jazzmyn works, is participating in the upcoming ‘Beach-O-Ween’ on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk. The Destin Hooters is also planning to have car washes every week during the month of October for breast cancer research donations. Those that would like to meet any of the Bayou Fox Franchise 2023 Hooters Calendar Girls in person can stop by the Destin or Pensacola Beach locations. For updates on the awesome food specials and upcoming events you can check out their Facebook pages.


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