Behavioral Health Facility Announces Newly Launched IOP Programs in Albuquerque

December 07, 2022 at 17:10

Albuquerque, New Mexico -

Icarus Behavioral Health of Albuquerque, New Mexico has established a reputation for being a top choice in its area for those seeking recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. It's also a recovery center that is not afraid to adapt and change in an effort to better serve its patients. Evidence of this comes from the fact that this behavioral health facility has just announced the launching of two new intensive outpatient programs (IOP). One which will be located in Albuquerque and another in Rio Rancho.

A spokesperson for Icarus Behavioral Health said the staff and employees at their facility are very excited about these two new IOPs because it will allow them to be able to help more members of their community, in more ways, with these expanded IOP offerings. It's an Albuquerque intensive outpatient program that’s designed to help those with mental health and addiction issues that do not like the restrictive nature of in-patient treatments or have family, work, or school obligations that would prevent them from undergoing residential treatment. She also mentioned that IOP programs are also often used as a step down from residential treatment for their inpatient clients as well as for those that have other reasons as to why they need flexible drug and alcohol addiction support. It was also emphasized that even though these are outpatient-based programs, they still meld their flexible nature with a high degree of accountability. The spokesperson stated that’s why those that have entered Icarus Behavioral Health’s outpatient treatments so far have experienced a high degree of success with their IOPs. Some of the benefits that these newly launched intensive outpatient treatments offer includes continued medication management, individual therapy for personalized help, group therapy that helps those recovering receive sober support, and it even allows patients to practice what they learn in real-world settings.

An IOP in Albuquerque meets at Icarus Behavioral Health for addiction treatment support

Despite the excitement surrounding these new IOPs, the behavioral health center’s spokesperson reminds that their Bernalillo County inpatient mental health rehab services are now open for admissions with mental health primary clients, with or without the presence of substance abuse. A large majority of the clients that have chosen to undergo residential mental health treatment with them often find this type of treatment to be the first and most significant step on their road to recovery.

Those that have attended one or more of Icarus Behavioral Health’s inpatient or outpatient treatment programs often commend this treatment facility in the reviews that they post. Tyler McMillin proclaimed, “To say this place is top-notch would be an understatement. I arrived at Icarus broken and not knowing how to live life. This place gave me the tools I needed to get by and a new outlook on life. Today I'm sober and successful and I owe it all to Icarus. All the staff truly care, and the owners are amazing. They are always present and show they have your best interests at heart. I didn't only gain a new outlook on life, but I gained a new family in Icarus. I would recommend this place to anyone that needs help. The facility is amazing, and the therapy is truly awesome too. This place will also show you how to not only live sober, but you can have fun in sobriety. I am truly grateful for Icarus and all the staff.”

In other Icarus Behavioral Health news, this reputable treatment facility has posted a new informational blog on its website. It’s a blog that answers the question, 'Can Cocaine Kill You?' In this new article, their experienced recovery team looks past the party drug reputation of coke and reveals the deadly potential that’s associated with the risk of cocaine overdose. The company spokesperson stated that those who are struggling with cocaine, crack, meth, or any form of substance abuse should be aware that they can find effective help at Icarus. More on this highly rated behavioral health facility’s inpatient, outpatient, and other recovery treatments can be read about on its website.


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