Benefits Of Buying A Home Detailed By Complete Realty Team

July 19, 2023 at 16:26

Marietta, Georgia -

Marietta, GA based Complete Realty Team published new materials that aim to help the community decide whether they should make home ownership one of their primary goals. The team has worked hard to make real estate deals less stressful for their clientele over the years, and they have a wealth of experience to share.

The company’s latest insights are available in two forms: a Youtube short (on the company’s official channel) that condenses the main concerns into a more digestible format and a full-form article that covers the topic in more detail (on their website). Those who are considering the advantages of renting vs buying a house are encouraged to use whichever format suits them best, but both offer a look at the top considerations an individual or family would have to make when exploring the real estate market in their area or wherever they intend to settle down.

Rent Vs Buy

Overall, it is the company’s firm belief that there is much more to gain by becoming a homeowner than by continuing to rent. The company has many reasons for this perspective, and they are more than ready to share the data that led them to this conclusion.

“Before you jump into renewing that lease or fresh one,” says Ken Mandich of Complete Realty Team in the Youtube short, “let me show why you should go all in and become a homeowner." The video goes on to show how the median asking rent has skyrocketed since the late 1980s, and the most concerning aspect of this is the fact that this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The cost of renting a home, the company says, is expected to keep rising, regardless of whether tenants are able to keep up or not.

“However, owning a home can be your secret weapon against those rising rents,” he continues. “How, you ask? Well, with a fixed rate mortgage, you can keep your monthly rising cost on lockdown — and when you buy, you start building your own equity, and that’s when your net worth starts doing a happy dance.”

Mandich closes by stating, “When you’re weighing the options of renting vs buying, don’t just skim the surface. It’s time to see the bigger picture. Owning your own home might be the smartest move you make, especially if rents keep skyrocketing year after year.” All are welcome to contact the company today if they want more personal guidance with their home ownership goals. See more here: Should You Rent Or Buy A House.

The premise is simple. Today, renters are accustomed to paying a certain amount over a certain period to use a property as a residence. The main issue, however, is that they have relatively little control over how much they will pay in the future and whether they will be able to continue staying there when their lease runs out. Rents can go up (as trends indicate they will) and leases may not be renewed, obliging tenants to uproot their previously stable home and go hunting for another resident — which may or may not be suitable for their needs.

Conversely, while a mortgage would require the same commitment of money paid over a given period, the ‘tenant’ has much more control, especially if certain conditions are implemented, such as a fixed rate mortgage. Instead of paying money to live on a property they do not ultimately have the right to occupy as long as they see fit, they would be investing in their own future.

As the article from Complete Realty Team states, “You’ll hear the word ‘equity’ a lot in the world of real estate. Equity can be defined as the difference between your home’s market value and the balance of your mortgage. A percentage of each mortgage payment that you make is applied to reducing the main balance of your loan, so raising the equity in your house. Think of it as a built-in savings plan where you’re gradually buying more and more of your home from the bank.”

It is highly recommended that renters check out the video and the full article from the Cobb County buyer's agents. There are many other factors to consider, and the article explores them in more detail. Alternatively, all are welcome to get in touch with the team directly if they wish to discuss their personal status with an expert in the field. Complete Realty Team can be reached by phone or email.


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