Brusco Vision Introduces Community To SBK LASIK

December 27, 2022 at 21:05

Falls Church, VA based Brusco Vision is taking steps to help their community learn more about the benefits of SBK LASIK. Widely recognized as the most advanced LASIK center in Washington DC and the DMV, Brusco Vision recently published an article about SBK LASIK on their website. All are encouraged to read this article at their leisure, and the clinic welcomes additional inquiries from those who wish to learn whether they are good candidates for the procedure in question. An appointment may be scheduled through the website or over the phone.

While LASIK is likely to be the most famous laser eye surgery in the world, fewer know that it comes in several varieties. Further, the field is always progressing, and patients will find that certain clinics are far more capable of offering the most modern treatments available. While older treatments can and do offer a suitable degree of success, the most optimal experience will generally be had with newer variants. According to Brusco Vision, patients who want the most advanced form of laser eye surgery will want SBK LASIK, also known as Sub-Bowman keratomileusis or ‘bladeless LASIK.’

LASIK received FDA-approval more than 20 years ago, and it has since proven to be world-changing in scope. The clinic says that more than 40 million LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide since its inception, originally utilizing a mechanically powered metal blade known as a microkeratome. SBK LASIK, however, uses a femtosecond laser, which is notable for being both ultra-fast and ultra-precise. The technology allows eye surgeons to predict results far more accurately as well, using a customized corneal topography map with each patient to plan their treatment on an individual, personalized basis. These improvements also meant that a wider range of patients could be considered good candidates for the procedure.

Brusco Vision states, “If you have previously visited a vision clinic for LASIK consultation only to be told you were not a suitable candidate, we encourage you to try again. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with our team. Modern advancements may now mean that LASIK is right for you. If you still want to free yourself from corrective lenses and contacts, this is your opportunity to do so.”

When they visit the clinic, a patient will be seen by none other than Michael Brusco, MD, FACS, a premier LASIK surgeon and medical director of Brusco Vision in Washington DC and the DMV. Dr. Brusco has been at the leading edge of refractive surgery and always ensures that his patients benefit from the latest and best technological advances in diagnostics and laser procedures. LASIK is a time-tested procedure with proven results that have evolved over the years to make it safer and more effective than ever. Sub-Bowman keratomileusis is the most modern and advanced form of this life-changing laser eye surgery. People in the Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia area who are tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses, should call the Brusco Vision laser center for more information or schedule a LASIK consultation.

Many have already worked with Dr. Brusco to reclaim their vision and free themselves from a reliance on glasses or contacts. Julie S. says in a review of the clinic’s services, “I am so impressed with Brusco Vision. The office has a very inviting feel — it’s very clean and modern, unlike so many other doctor’s offices. The staff are all super pleasant, caring and attentive. Dr Brusco is an amazing surgeon, with great bedside manner, who pays great attention to detail. I completely trust him and his staff. If you are considering getting surgery, do it! Life is so much easier without wearing glasses or contacts. It is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.”

Brusco Vision seeks to make every patient feel welcome and comfortable at all times. Patients will also find that their pricing is all-inclusive, with no hidden fees or charges levied after the fact. This includes enhancements and post-op medications. Those who are at least 18 years of age and are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism may be good candidates for SBK LASIK. They are invited to contact Brusco Vision today to learn more.


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