Chicago Traffic Crashes up 12% Within The Last Three Months According to Insurance Navy

August 05, 2022 at 15:00

Palos Hills, Illinois -

Chicago - Local Chicago insurance company Insurance Navy has conducted a study and discovered traffic trends in the city of Chicago that has contributed to a 12% increase in traffic crashes and collisions within the last three months.

“By looking at the total number of crashes every three months since the year started, we noticed an increase in traffic accidents in Chicago, especially during the last three months during this summer,” said Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh, “We found that car crashes in May through August increased from the last three months of February to May this year. By our calculations, it’s around a 12% increase.”

Around 7,958 crashes were reported in Chicago in February. It increased in March to 8,549 crashes. It remained consistent in April, with 8,526 reported crashes. It then shot up to a new average of 9,816 crashes in May. 9,578 crashes were reported the next month in June, while 9,069 crashes were recorded in July. As of now, August is climbing, with 688 crashes reported so far.

From February to May of this year, non-incapacitating injuries sustained in car accidents were recorded in 2,786 of the reported crashes during that time. Fatal injuries were recorded in 39 of the crashes. Nearly 30,000 of the remaining recorded crashes have no indication of injuries.

While the increase in car crashes became apparent in May, the number of injuries and fatalities reported remained consistent, however. Non-incapacitating injuries were reported around 2,754, while 26 crashes had reported fatal injuries. Once again, around 24,500 of the remaining accidents had no reported injuries.

“The increase in reported crashes and collisions but not much with sustained injuries is large because more cars are on the roads and using the city’s expressways. This is an annual trend that is noticeable during the summer seasons. You also have to think about all the summer events that the city of Chicago holds, like Lollapalooza in July, which always results in an influx of traffic. Not too many injuries are reported because the majority of collisions that occur in the city are at low speeds. This is also due to the amount of traffic Chicago experiences at certain times.” Sneineh says.

As it would turn out, the majority of car crashes happen in Chicago during rush hour –any hour between 3 pm to 6 pm when several people are leaving work and heading home. Those that live in the city and work elsewhere are also making their return back to the city, so both expressways are often traffic jammed. Side streets tend to be packed with drivers looking for shortcuts.

“We’re at the point in the year when car crashes in Chicago tend to be the most frequent. This time is usually from May to October. It’s during the late summer and fall when more than 10,000 crashes are reported each month. It suffices to say that every year around this time, Chicago is subject to at least a 10% increase in traffic accidents –this year, it happens to be 12% exactly,” said Sneineh.

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