Cicoria Tree Service Gets High Marks from Its Northeast Boston Customers for Its Tree Trimming Efforts

February 27, 2023 at 18:30

Cicoria Tree and Crane Service has long been known in the Beverly, Massachusetts area for its ability to remove even the largest trees in the most difficult places. But what this Northern Boston tree services provider does goes way beyond that too. Its arborist-led crews are also very proficient when it comes to trimming the many different types of trees and shrubs that are found in its part of New England. A tree service that this company often gets high marks from customers.

The company’s owner, Mark Cicoria, says, “Although many people use us for our expert tree removal services, we also have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to properly trim any type of tree that’s found in Northeast Boston. Tree trimming is something that’s best left to tree professionals such as us at Cicoria Tree Service because know exactly how to trim each species of tree, what time of year that’s best done, and how to leave the trees in your landscape looking great.”

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Cicoria Then talked about the different types of tree trimming that they do. A list that includes important tree pruning procedures. Tree pruning is done not only to shape a tree so it looks great but also to remove dead and diseased branches. He says this is very important to overall tree health. It’s also a critical task that needs to be done when branches are growing too close to power lines and structures that they may damage when the wind blows hard. His crews also know the importance of periodic crown thinning. Another essential tree health-promoting task because crown thinning lets important sunlight, air, and moisture penetrate deeper into a tree to keep it healthier. Crown raising is also a required tree trimming task when it comes to safety. It helps make it easier to pass under trees that are overhanging walkways and trees in a yard that have low branches that pose a threat to children and others that pass under them.

Gene Ricciardelli had this to say in his 5-star review after Cicoria Tree and Crane Service performed this important tree-trimming task for him, “They were told to shape and trim the tree so that I could mow under it safely. Although some of the branches were low, they did a quick and beautiful job raising the clearance more than expected. The tree has also been shaped and thinned in the most professional and caring manner." Cicoria also reminded that his crews not only know how to trim trees properly but also are well-versed in trimming bushes, shrubs, and hedges. Evidence of this comes in the form of a glowing review from a recent customer. Albert Pegueros wrote, “This is my second year using Cicoria and I’m very happy to have found them. Hiring a certified arborist is so worth the investment. They have really shaped up my row of arborvitae and two rhododendrons. But the best part is that as specialists, they know how to do the job right. In the past, I used a regular landscape company, but they just wrapped wires around the trunks of my arborvitae to tie them up and that was strangling and killing them. Cicoria came in, spent a day undoing the years of damage done by other companies and now, two years later my arborvitae are thriving once more.”

Cicoria also mentioned that Beverly area customers that take advantage of tree trimming or any of their other services get more than just professional tree care help. They also never leave a job site until a thorough cleanup has been done. He says that they also make sure to guide a customer in regards to the tree work that they want to be done instead of pushing the company’s ideas on them. Something that Nancy Cassidy attested to in a very favorable review, “Great company to work with. Very patient and concerned with customer satisfaction. Asked me questions about what I wanted to be done. Lots of check-ins during the process. Very satisfied with their work. An easy stress-free process. Thank you!”

More on the highly rated tree trimming and other tree care services that Cicoria Tree Service offers can be seen on its website.


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