Dental Care For All Available At Cornelia Family Dentist

August 01, 2023 at 16:11

GA based Ferdos Family Dental is offering a range of dental services to residents in the Habersham County area. The clinic is equally adept at working with children as it is with adults, and this means a family can have all their needs taken care of under one roof.

Ferdos Family Dental is led by husband and wife dentists, Dr. Mark Ferdos and Dr. Meg Ferdos, both of whom are committed to making the clinic a welcoming environment for patients of all ages. A fear of the dentist, they acknowledge, can be present in a patient regardless of age, and they are accustomed to helping everyone relax from the moment they walk through the clinic’s doors. Further, given the staff’s friendly nature and the conscientious care applied during procedures, patients tend to trust Ferdos Family Dental enough to keep coming back for all their future dental needs.

Dental hygiene and care should always be instilled in a person as early as possible, and this is why the clinic believes it is vital to ensure their young patients have a positive experience. An adult’s fear of the dentist is often rooted in a poor experience they endured as a child, and Ferdos Family Dental strives to ensure this never happens with its own patients. As such, parents can similarly rest assured that their children will start looking forward to dental visits after stopping by Ferdos Family Dental.

One way the clinic overcomes this anxiety is by encouraging parents to bring their children in before they reach the age of 2. This serves to make the clinic a familiar environment, helping the child remain comfortable as they grow up and return for cleanings or other services in the future. Children under the age of 3 also qualify for a free ‘knee-to-knee’ exam. A dental screening is performed during this exam as well, which the clinic will use to determine when the child should begin receiving regular dental cleanings.

A variety of services are available in addition to children’s dentistry. Ferdos Family Dental seeks to be as all-inclusive as possible, so patients who require dental fillings, extractions, implants and more can find the appropriate services here.

Ferdos Family Dental is pleased to share that it offers sedation dentistry to patients’ whose anxiety and fear may otherwise make it too difficult for them to undergo any necessary dental treatments. There are several reasons why a patient may benefit from sedation dentistry. Along with anxiety, sedation is often recommended for patients who have a strong gag reflex, develop jaw strain during dental procedures or even simply need a little more assistance getting numb to avoid pain.

Naturally, sedation is also recommended for patients who do not experience these issues if they are to undergo more extensive dental treatment. It would similarly be required for oral surgery.

The clinic explains that there are two types of sedation available at Ferdos Family Dental: oral sedation and IV sedation. The former is used for patients suffering from mild anxiety, and is typically only used for shorter procedures. Here, patients take a prescribed oral sedative prior to their appointment in order to relax during the procedure in question.

IV sedation takes matters a step further, and it is typically recommended for patients with severe anxiety or extensive/surgical dental care needs. Each patient is different (such as having different pain tolerances), so IV sedation allows the clinic to tailor the sedation to their needs. Patients often sleep through their appointment, the clinic comments. Whichever type of sedation is used, however, the patient is closely monitored to ensure they are safe and comfortable at all times.

Ferdos Family Dental encourages the community to reach out if they have any questions regarding dental treatments or wish to schedule an appointment. Patients may contact the office by phone at (706) 778-6260 or connect with Ferdos Family Dental via social media.


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