Electronic Merchant Systems Is Offering Industry-Leading Mobile Payment Processing Solutions For Cross Fit Coaches

August 29, 2022 at 22:58

Cleveland, Ohio -

Nationwide payment solutions provider Electronic Merchant Systems is helping CrossFit instructors sign up more clients and set up seamless recurring payments with its advanced CrossFit payment processing solutions.

CrossFit is both the name of a private company and a branded high-intensity workout training regimen that was founded and developed by Greg Glassman in the year 2000. Today, it is the biggest fitness chain in the world. As of 2022, there are over 12,000 affiliated gyms in the world in over 150 countries, 7000 of which are located in the United States. More than 5 million athletes have found the secret to achieving their fitness goals in its exercise philosophy that mixes aerobic exercises, calisthenics, and Olympic Weightlifting.


The company’s business model relies on gyms licensing the CrossFit name for an annual fee which allows them to certify the trainers on their payroll. The certification involves clearing several exams based on one’s professional experience. Instructors with many years in the industry can apply for the prestigious L3 and L4 certifications as the ultimate test of their skills and professional knowledge. CrossFit instructors generally work for a gym. However, the certification is not tied to the gym and they can choose to use their skills to seek employment wherever they choose.

A representative for Electronic Merchant Systems comments on why CrossFit Coaches should consider signing up for a payment processor by saying, “There are more than 35,000 CrossFit-certified trainers globally. A large percentage of them work for local gyms that may or may not be affiliated with CrossFit. CrossFit Coaches can also choose to work as freelancers. Taking full control of your marketing and elevating your profile in the local fitness scene is going to enable you to find the high-net-worth clients that you ideally want to work with. If you plan to venture out on your own eventually, you must set up a way for clients to be able to pay you without relying on a gym to process the transaction. One of the best ways to achieve this is to sign up for a payment processor. Make sure to do your research before committing to one by checking whether it offers all the features that you need. Once you have a grasp on the current payment processor landscape, you will soon realize why Electronic Merchant Systems’ offerings are the best choice for your use case.”

When asked about what makes Electronic Merchant Systems the best payment processor provider for CrossFit instructors, the spokesperson says, “When you choose EMS as your payment processor, you get to harness the power and flexibility of EMSMobile, a mobile payment platform with an industry-leading set of features. With EMSMobile, you can use any mobile device you have, an Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad, and turn it into a powerful and portable payment processing terminal. You can receive payments from clients immediately after the first consultation, wherever you may be at the moment. This allows you to onboard more clients because it reduces the friction due to the time between you introducing them to your CrossFit training services and the time that they take to consider their decision. With EMSMobile, you can sign up focused and committed clients who are ready to hire your services and embark on their fitness journey as soon as possible. Apart from accepting both swipe and chip payments, you can also send them email invoices and set up recurring payments, the latter of which is of particular importance for a fitness services provider as they generally sign clients for a limited time only. So, jumpstart your career as a CrossFit trainer today and start accepting payments with EMS.”

Gyms that have spent the licensing costs to become certified CrossFit training providers can also opt for Electronic Merchant Systems’ range of POS (Point of Sale) payment processing solutions. EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over ten years and has over 15,000 reviews on Google vouching for the ease of use and reliability of its services.


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