Encore Data Products Thanks Edutech Tradeshow ISTE Live '22 Attendees For Their Participation

July 29, 2022 at 15:09

Encore Data Products thanks ISTE Live ’22 attendees for helping make its event at the conference a roaring success. ISTE’s 2022 trade show was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, starting on June 26, 2022, and lasted for 4 days.

Encore Applause ’22 was held on Tuesday, June 28, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the Ugly Dog Saloon in New Orleans. The event was co-sponsored by AVID Products, Cyber Acoustics, and NutKase, some of Encore Data Products’ biggest manufacturing partners. The event featured live Cajun music by the band T’Monde, delicious southern BBQ for attendees, and a Brand Bingo activity. The winner of the Bingo activity is scheduled to receive a gift basket of sponsored manufacturer products handpicked by Encore Data Products.

ISTELive 22 - Edtech conference

A spokesperson for the Colorado-based EduTech technology supplier commented on the ISTE Live ‘22 event, “The ISTE Edutech trade show is always on the top of our list when it comes to the most anticipated marketing and networking opportunities for our audio-visual equipment and technology business. The conference gave us a chance to rub shoulders with some of the bigwigs in the industry, the visionaries who are propelling the EduTech space forward into the 21st century. It was a great experience to hear their thoughts and to pick their brains about the future of EduTech.

“We will take the lessons that we learned at the conference and incorporate them into our business strategy to better serve the needs of this fledgling industry. We would like to thank everyone who attended Encore Applause ’22 as it wouldn’t have been as fun as it was without your participation. We also hope that you enjoyed our choice of entertainment for the evening and the mouthwatering food that was served. If you missed ISTE Live ’22, we encourage you to plan on attending the next year’s event which will be held in Philadelphia from June 25 to June 28, 2023.”

ISTE Live ’22 was the first time the tradeshow had been an in-person event for two years, having gone online only during the pandemic. The conference’s audience responded overwhelmingly to its return and showed up in droves. Over the 4-day event, 14,282 attendees showed up in New Orleans. At the same time, 2,299 attendees participated in the conference virtually from all over the world. Even online, attendees showed their love and enthusiasm for the event as they shared 31,486 social posts using the #ISTElive hashtag. The conference also incorporated a gamified experience via an Easter egg hunt to increase engagement. Over 4,100 participants searched for and found over 4,200 Easter eggs, both virtually and in person. There were also over 30,000 chat messages shared on the virtual platform.

During the conference, 1618 presenters stepped up to offer 1086 learning opportunities. Encouragingly, 279 of those 1600 presenters were students. The speakers who got a chance to grace the conference’s main stage enthralled the attendees with talks on topics meant to bring innovative approaches to teaching and learning. There was also a focus on online safety and digital wellbeing. Some of the prominent speakers included Zach King, Cornel West, Robert P. George, Avis Williams, Alyssa Carson, Brandan “BMIKE” Odums, Taryn Southern, Kermit Ruffins, Greg Tarzan Davis, and many more.

The corporate world was also well-represented at ISTE Live ’22. 444 companies, including some of the biggest names in the EduTech space, covering a wide gamut of EduTech specialties, exhibited their products in the expo hall. Notably, some of Encore Data Products’ manufacturing partners who exhibited at ISTE Live ’22 include Andrea Communications, Anywhere Cart, AVID Products, Cyber Acoustics, IPEVO, Logitech, Luxor, MAXCases, NutKase, and ThinkWrite.

The Brand Bingo Gift Basket winner from the Encore Applause ’22 event held at the Ugly Dog Saloon in New Orleans during the ISTE Live ’22 conference is Nikki Gautier from Quaker Digital Academy, New Philadelphia, OH.

Thanks to the generosity of our manufacturing partners, AVID Products, Cyber Acoustics, and NutKase, included in the Brand Bingo Gift Basket are: 1 AVID Products AE-75 Deluxe Headset; 1 AVID Products AE-55 Classroom Headset; 1 AVID Products AE-25 Early Childhood Headset for PK-2; 1 Cyber Acoustics Essential Webcam 1080p HD-AF; 1 Cyber Acoustics Essential Speakerphone SP-2000; 1 NutKase Made-to-Order Chromebook, iPad, or Laptop Case.

Educators and administrators can find out more about the entire range of products offered by Encore Data Products, such as its diverse line of school headphones, by visiting its website. Readers who want to reach out to the company can call it at (866) 926-1669 or write to it at sales@encoredataproducts.com.


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