EVO ICL Surgery Cost Explained In New Resource

September 01, 2022 at 23:43

St. Louis, Missouri -

Brinton Vision, based in St. Louis, MO, has published a new article on EVO ICL and the factors that contribute to its cost. Since this technology is relatively unfamiliar to the general public, the clinic aims to continue sharing new resources that help their community understand what EVO ICL is, what it is capable of, and potential drawbacks patients should be aware of if they are considering this procedure. The first of these articles can be found here: How much does EVO ICL surgery cost?

Brinton Vision explains that, “EVO ICLs represent the latest ‘EVOlution’ in implantable lens technology that also includes ICL and EVO Toric ICL.” Additionally, “The ICL in EVO ICL stands for Implantable Collamer® Lens,” though it is sometimes referred to as the implantable contact lens. Collamer® is a biocompatible, plastic and collagen material that works in harmony with the natural tissues of the eye to correct vision comfortably. Typically, EVO may be considered for patients who are 20-49 years old, have what is known as a high refractive error (such as severe nearsightedness), have eyes that are overall healthy aside from said error and wish to stop using eyeglasses and contact lenses. Due to the recurring cost of glasses and contact lenses, LASIK can be a better alternative for many of the same issues EVO corrects. EVO is a great alternative for patients whose corneal thickness makes LASIK not an option.

The issue for most patients is that the cost of the procedure can vary a great deal due to a number of factors, such as “the specific type of lens used, the experience and expertise of the surgeon, where the surgery is taking place, the patient’s current prescription and other medical factors.” A patient may spend between $500 and $1,500 per eye for the lenses alone. This will increase to at least $4,800 per eye when other costs are accounted for, such as the surgeon’s time, facility fee, eye exam, and follow-up visits.

While this may seem pricy, Brinton Vision explains that it should be considered a long-term investment. A single, quick procedure with a one-time payment will replace decades of purchases of eyeglasses and contact lenses over a lifetime, potentially saving thousands of dollars. However, as always, the clinic advises patients to discuss their condition and needs in full with their eye doctor prior to making any commitments. Conversely, for instance, they may find LASIK or other vision corrective procedures to be more suitable. Alternatively, should EVO ICL be a strong contender, they can always use Brinton Vision’s cost calculator to estimate how much they may spend on eyeglasses or contact lenses over a certain period. Over a lifetime this can help them personally decide whether the investment is worthwhile.

The article says, “While a surgical procedure costs more up front than prescription contact lenses, your implantable contact lenses correct your vision without the need for additional associated costs.” In other words, yes, EVO ICL is worth it, provided the procedure is the most appropriate vision correction surgery for you. Further, the clinic points out that safety tends to be the most frequent concern in such circumstances, rather than price alone. Should the patient be a good candidate for EVO ICL, they may decide to proceed with this option, contingent on their doctor’s recommendation.

Notably, patients should be aware that EVO ICL typically isn’t covered by insurance as it is considered an elective surgery. However, they clarify that, “There are ways to pay down the cost of the procedure through your employee benefits. If you have an HSA (a Health Savings Account), MSA (a Medical Savings Account) or FSA (a Flexible Spending Account) through your employer, you can use these funds to offset or pay for your EVO ICLs. Additionally, these funds are not taxed and will save you money on your procedure. You can contribute up to $2,750 pre-taxed income into an FSA annually to use for your vision correction.”

Patients may also choose to finance the procedure themselves. Brinton Vision offers a number of financing options that effectively allow them to get EVO ICL immediately and pay later or in installments. Notably, this gives patients advantage of eliminating the patient’s need to save up before the procedure can be done, and they will not have to keep paying for other corrective solutions (eyeglasses, contact lenses) when the full amount is paid off.

The full article offers many more details on EVO ICL that patients will want to stay aware of, but the clinic also encourages any interested parties to get in touch with their staff if they wish to discuss the subject with a specialist. Brinton Vision will be pleased to schedule a consultation to determine whether EVO ICL is the right choice for each patient’s needs.


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