Fighting For People: Injury Law Of Pollack, LLC Stands By Victims In Personal Injury Cases

March 03, 2023 at 16:45

Fighting For People Injury Law of Pollack Law, LLC, based in Feasterville-Trevose, is offering the community their professional legal assistance in personal injury cases. The firm has long made it their mission to fight for people who have been unfairly denied compensation following a serious injury, and they invite all interested parties to speak with a representative at the earliest opportunity for a free case evaluation.

The firm states that anyone who has been injured as a result of another party’s negligence can seek compensation afterwards. While some may think this is strictly a punitive measure (meant to punish the person or persons responsible), the unfortunate truth is that compensation can be the only way a victim can survive even if they recover from their injury. There are many reasons for this, from massive medical bills to loss of income, temporary or otherwise, and so on, and a victim will often have no other choice but to seek compensation in order to stay afloat financially.

Fighting For People Injury Law of Pollack Law, LLC personal injury attorney

This can be considered a best case scenario in some instances, as those who endure life-changing injuries as a result of the incident in question will have many more obstacles to deal with. To begin with, they will likely need professional medical attention for the rest of their lives, and they may no longer be able to work as a direct result of their injury. Burdened by bills and left without any way to make a living for themselves, people in this position often find themselves relying more on family and friends for support — if they are so fortunate to have a good support network.

Unfortunately, victims also tend to find that seeking compensation is not as simple as filing a claim and waiting for it to arrive in their bank account. Insurance companies, whose policies promise to cover incidents such as workplace accidents, traffic collisions, medical malpractice and so on, have a strong incentive to either deny or minimize the amount of compensation they ultimately pay out because this would otherwise cut into their profits. An accident victim may, in fact, face such a situation with their own insurer, and this is why it is strongly recommended that they have a personal injury attorney fighting on their behalf as soon as possible.

“Your insurer may argue that your injuries or suffering are not as severe as you claim,” explains Ronald S. Pollack, Esq. of Fighting For People. “You need to contest this by presenting legally-admissible evidence of your condition as well as other supporting documentation. However, the average person will not know how to obtain this proof — or even the right way to submit it so that it benefits their case. They need an expert who is motivated to fight on their behalf, and this will never be the insurance adjuster assigned to their case. Their first step should always be to visit their attorney. In the state of Pennsylvania, that’s us.”

Notably, an individual can contact the firm for assistance on behalf of a loved one if they are unable to do so due to extreme injury. Fighting For People has more than 50 years of experience dealing with all types of personal injury claims, and the team is always eager to share the benefit of their expertise and resources with anyone who has suffered as a result of another party’s negligence.

During a consultation, clients are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible regarding their situation. This can help them make informed decisions in the future. As a review from Andrew S. says, “Had a meeting with Ron Pollack earlier today concerning my case. Not only was he extremely informative, but he answered all of my questions and concerns in a quick and meaningful fashion. I would highly recommend his law office to all.”

Fighting For People Injury Law of Pollack Law, LLC in Pennsylvania can be reached via phone or email, and a full list of the firm’s contact details, practice areas, services and more can be found on their official website. Social media users are also welcome to connect with the firm on their preferred platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and so on.


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