Find Addiction Rehabs Explains How the AA Program Works and Related Topics About Alcoholism

April 19, 2023 at 19:19

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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), which is located in Boca Raton, FL, and offers helpful content about addiction and rehab treatment, has recently published new content in the form of comprehensive guides on: how Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) works, why alcoholics cannot love, and the phenomenon of craving.

The first article helps the reader in gaining knowledge about Alcoholics Anonymous and how it works. The “How It Works” section can be found in the fifth chapter of the Big Book of the AA and this section plays an important role in providing insight into how the Twelve Steps can be fulfilled. One of the highlights of this section is that attaining long-term sobriety is not easy and there is no softer or easier way than the 12 steps of the AA. Another highlight is that getting sober requires rigorous honesty about the person’s powerlessness over drugs or alcohol. Those who are not honest enough to accept this are not likely to make progress. It is also vital to note that half measures will not work.

A man who found help with Find Addiction Rehabs looks at How it Works Chapter of the AA Big Book

Another important concept to consider in the 12 step process of AA is that people must find their turning point and do something different from what they had previously done to finally escape the trap of addiction. Finally, it is important to accept the idea that a person must be willing to set aside the idea that they have control over their addiction. Instead, they must attain that level of commitment where they have to ask God, or any higher being they believe in, to protect and help them in their journey toward recovery.

Meanwhile, the second article explores the emotional damage done by alcohol in relationships. It has been observed that those who are struggling with alcoholism are unable to maintain their relationships with their loved ones because they tend to become abusive and often follow destructive behavior. In short, those suffering from the chains of alcoholism are unable to love because this condition tends to break the bonds of love and friendship. They tend to be physically abusive against their partner, often resulting in domestic violence.

There are five major reasons why those who struggle with alcoholism are unable to love. First of all, they don’t love themselves because of their low self-esteem and negative self-talk. Second, alcoholism causes them to be trapped in dysfunctional relationships. Third, their priority is drinking alcohol and not their relationships. Fourth, they tend to become emotionally detached. Fifth, they usually suffer from king baby syndrome, which is based on the belief that they are the center of the universe and everybody has to cater to their needs.

The third article focuses on how to overcome cravings for a drink or drugs. A craving is an intense desire to drink alcohol or consume a particular substance. The Big Book of AA explains that a part of alcoholism is the person having a physical allergy to alcohol. This allergic reaction is characterized by the person experiencing an uncontrollable urge to drink alcohol. The problem is that the craving can be triggered even by the smallest amount of alcohol. Studies have found that craving is influenced by both environmental and genetic factors.

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