Find Addiction Rehabs Leads Community To Drug And Alcohol Rehab In West Virginia

May 26, 2022 at 16:32

Boca Raton, Florida -

Boca Raton, FL based Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR) is reaching out to the West Virginia community to highlight their latest round of state-specific drug and alcohol resource pages. These resources also come with a deep dive into the sorely needed resources for drug and alcohol rehabs in the region. Backed by an experienced team of recovering individuals, clinicians and support staff, Find Addiction Rehabs is dedicated to helping people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction find the best rehab centers in the US.

The subject of a recent Hulu drama miniseries based on actual events, called 'Dopesick,' the opioid epidemic has hit the Mountain State particularly hard. With their dedicated guide to finding drug and alcohol rehab in West Virginia, Find Addiction Rehabs is hoping to help those in need find the best treatment options to assist in their journey to recovery.

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As FAR points out, nearly 264,000 West Virginians (about 14.62% of the state population) use illicit substances in a given year, while another 69,000 (3.82% of the state population) abuse alcohol. These staggering numbers have resulted in drugs and alcohol being responsible for 7.1% of all deaths in West Virginia during 2008 to 2017. While this number was 5 percentage points below the national average, it is still very concerning.

Find Addiction Rehabs put their resources to work on rehab centers to help the many West Virginia residents struggling with substance misuse and addiction find low-cost therapy that will put them on the road to recovery. It is also intended to educate the public on the dangers of substance abuse in West Virginia. By using FAR’s guide, those in need can find low-cost, high-quality care quickly.

Continuing the series of state-specific addiction resources, the team at Find Addiction Rehabs has also delved into rehabs in Michigan, with a detailed look at treatment types, statistics, laws regarding drugs and harm reduction and much more. From Detroit to Ann Arbor and so on, the need for quality addiction treatment in the state is growing, and FAR’s recovery representatives are keen to help Michigan residents find addiction treatment services that match their needs.

Much like West Virginia, the numbers in Michigan are quite concerning as well. 4.63% of the state’s population abuse alcohol, while a staggering 16.73% percent of the population use drugs. Furthermore, between 2008 and 2017, the state had a drug- and alcohol-related death rate of 16.6%, which is approximately four percentage points higher than the national average.

Finally, Find Addiction Rehabs takes a look at the 'Last Frontier,' the state of Alaska, and its unique geographical and addiction treatment considerations. In particular, the piece covers alcohol rehab centers here, since quality alcohol treatment programs can be difficult to locate within the state. Being a remote state has not spared Alaska from dealing with an ever-increasing rise in drug addiction and abuse, unfortunately, and there is a clear need for alcohol and drug rehab centers to serve the burdened population.

Between 2008 and 2017, 7,469 Alaskans — 15.88 percent of the state population — died as a result of drugs and alcohol, more than three percentage points more than the national average of 12.71 percent. Those who want to find resources on addiction rehab centers in Alaska should click on the following link: Alcohol Rehab Centers Alaska.

A representative for Find Addiction Rehabs says, “We know that it is a hard process to fight an addiction, and we want you to know that no matter what substance you are struggling with, we are here to help. Our team stands at the ready, any time, day or night, to answer any questions you may have about finding the right treatment for you or a loved one who is dealing with an addiction. Our team can help you find the right treatment center, explain the variety of options available and costs, check the availability of insurance coverage where applicable, and more to ensure that those who are seeking recovery can get started on the right foot. We are here to support you on your journey of recovery.”

Those who want to learn more about Find Addiction Rehabs and the wide range of services they provide should visit their website. Interested parties may call the FAR hotline. Find Addiction Rehabs also maintains a social media presence, and social media users can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.


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