Fleet Cost & Care Offers Mobile Apps for Managing Construction Vehicle Fleet

October 14, 2022 at 23:05

Fleet Cost & Care, a company of fleet management consultants based in Detroit, MI, wants to emphasize that they are offering advanced mobile apps for construction vehicle fleet that will enable customers to effectively manage their fleet of vehicles wherever they are, in real-time. And by effectively contracting with knowledgeable and experienced mobile fleet maintenance software companies in Detroit, such as Fleet Cost & Care, they will be able to make sure that their business will run smoothly and be profitable on a regular basis.

Jeff Curran, President of Fleet Cost & Care, says, “There are several ways to effectively manage an entire fleet of vehicles. With our mobile fleet management apps, you can immediately access data points and assign work to your employees from your tablet or smart phone. Whether you are heavily involved with construction, equipment rental, or any other field that requires a commercial fleet of vehicles, you will be able to examine crucial data electronically to make sure everything is running as it should. All our fleet management apps are rigorously designed with an effective interface so that all crucial tasks can be completed with just a few touches on your screen.”

Their mobile app is provided with a GPS feature, which allows the user to monitor the location of vehicles in real-time, which is useful for construction companies. Dispatch managers can use the GPS data sent from company vehicles and equipment to determine where they should be sent to at a particular time. This enables dispatch managers to have access to a broad range of live data points. This data may be used later for retrospective analysis and in finding shorter travel routes as a way to save on time, money, and wear and tear for the vehicles. Real-time data may also be used to find out if workers are effectively complying with the rules of the road, while obeying traffic signs and signals, maintaining proper speed, and being courteous to other people on the road.

The Atom mobile app can also be utilized for assigning important job tasks to particular vehicles, especially those that are assigned to time-sensitive projects. For instance, construction projects will likely require different kinds of light and heavy vehicles, each of which will be assigned different tasks. By assigning tasks to drivers in real time, each project will be performed efficiently. In almost all cases, construction projects will go through a series of steps that must be done in a particular order. This is known as the critical path, which means that these steps will affect the completion of the project if they are delayed. For example, road grading and paving will have to be done before line striping. A delay in the road grading and paving will cause the line striping and the entire project to be delayed. Real time assignment of tasks will also be helpful when managing multiple projects in various locations in the same day. Making sure that each truck is at the correct location would be essential.

Started in 1993, Fleet Cost & Care (FCC) was founded by the owners of the JJ Curran Crane Company when they thought of expanding into fleet software technology. Jeff Curran’s goal in launching Fleet Cost & Care was to come up with a centralized software for boosting revenue and bringing down costs for fleet owners. After conducting research and working closely with a group of first-class developers, FCC was finally launched. FCC introduced its first fleet management system in 1996 with features such as invoicing, preventative maintenance, and scheduling. Continued development of the software added more functions, including a reporting capability. In 2007, the second generation of the fleet management software was introduced, which is known as NexGen. After releasing NexGen, the company went on to develop a mobile application, which is known as Atom.

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