Gulf Coast Podiatry, Pensacola, Florida, Is Now Offering The Swift Microwave Plantar Wart Treatment

June 27, 2022 at 17:56

Gulf Coast Podiatry, a podiatric clinic in Pensacola, FL, is letting returning and new patients know that it is now offering quick, clean, and painless treatment for plantar warts thanks to acquiring the Saorsa Swift Microwave Wart Therapy machine. Readers can find out more about the other tools and equipment at the Florida podiatrist’s disposal by heading over to its website at the link:

A spokesperson for the podiatric clinic talks about why this is a significant upgrade for the clinic by saying, “Conventional treatments for plantar warts are regarded to be very messy and painful. There are a lot of plantar wart treatment options currently offered, sure, but you will always find complaints. For example, consider the salicylic acid treatment. It exfoliates the skin cells till the wart is gone. It is available over the counter but it is always recommended to get the treatment under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. Podiatrists will generally use a stronger concentration (about 40%), which is needed since the skin around the feet is resilient and tough to penetrate. The salicylic acid peels the plantar wart off layer by layer. This can cause pain, redness, and sensitivity in the areas of the foot that are directly affected. It is not the ideal treatment. Even if you opt for something like cryotherapy, which is also very popular for treating plantar warts, you are still going to need 2 to 3 days to recover from the pain and it will take around 2 weeks for the wound to completely heal. Compared to these treatments, the Saorsa Swift Microwave Wart Therapy is downright revolutionary. We urge you to find out more about this brand new plantar wart treatment technique to evaluate whether it is right for you.”

The Saorsa Swift Microwave Wart Therapy offers cleaner treatments as it produces no smoke and requires no anesthetic or post-procedural dressing. It uses microwaves to target the affected plantar wart tissues. The Saorsa Swift microwave treatment is only capable of supplying enough energy to agitate water molecules and cause friction. It does not damage DNA. It delivers far lesser energy into the skin than most laser and electrocautery treatments. The treatment is also precise as the microwaves travel in straight lines with no latter spread, one of the primary drawbacks of cryotherapy. With microwaves, the treatment zone is highly controlled and it leaves no evidence of scarring. Patients who undergo the treatment report very low or almost zero post-procedural pain. Appointment times are also shorter with microwave therapy and patients can almost immediately resume their regular daily schedule as there is no need for taking out time for recovery.

The clinic’s spokesperson talks about the services offered at Gulf Coast Podiatry by saying, “Here is a full list of our services. As you can see, we offer every treatment under the sun to ensure your feet and legs are working optimally without any pain or discomfort. We have the infrastructure to provide you with everything from in-house X-days to orthotic fittings to diabetic wound care. Joseph E. Kiefer, DPM has been serving patients in Pensacola, FL, since 1989. Regardless of whether you have a minor condition such as wart removal or your condition is tied to a more serious ailment such as diabetes or arthritis, he has built up the expertise to find solutions to every possible foot, ankle, or leg issue. He earned his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatry, Chicago, IL. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and he is also the Present Chief for the Podiatric Section at the Sacred Heart Hospital Dept. of Surgery. He was also a primary investigator on Phase III clinical trials for Advance Tissue Sciences, Dermagraft, and Iamin Gel. Both products made it to market. So, for those who want to heal under the expert guidance of Dr. Kiefer, contact Gulf Coast Podiatry at (850) 434-9867. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you!


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