IMHO Reviews Compares Artlist and Epidemic Sound for Creative Professionals

March 21, 2023 at 16:53

Aventura, Florida -

IMHO Reviews, a company dedicated to helping people choose better products and services, has recently released a comprehensive research report comparing Artlist and Epidemic Sound. The report, authored by Vitaliy Lano, CEO of IMHO Reviews, aims to assist new video creators in finding high-quality music for their projects.

Artlist VS Epidemic Sound

According to the report, subscription pricing plays a significant role in deciding between the two platforms. Epidemic Sound's personal plan starts at $15 per month or $108 per year, while its commercial plan costs $49 per month or $228 per year. In comparison, Artlist offers a personal monthly subscription for $14.99 or a yearly subscription for $120. Artlist only provides yearly plans for commercial accounts, with pricing for Just Music at $199 per year and Music and Sound Effects at $299 per year.

Epidemic Sound covers more platforms under its personal plan, making it the winner in this category. However, when it comes to library size, Epidemic Sound leads with over 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects, while Artlist offers a collection of 18,000 songs and 11,000 sound effects. Both platforms provide high-quality music and regularly update their libraries, but Epidemic Sound takes the lead in terms of quantity.

Licensing and usage models for both platforms are similar, offering royalty-free tracks for content creators. Epidemic Sound provides licenses that cover various uses, from YouTube videos to podcasts and commercial projects. Artlist's licenses allow unlimited usage across different media. As long as an active subscription is maintained, creators can use tracks without copyright concerns. Epidemic Sound offers a single-track license, with prices ranging from $99 to $499, depending on the use case.

The report highlights the user experience on both platforms. Epidemic Sound and Artlist feature intuitive interfaces with advanced filtering options. Some users may find Artlist's interface slightly more modern and visually appealing, but both platforms provide robust search functionality.

Upon canceling a subscription with either platform, creators can no longer use tracks in new projects. However, any projects published during the subscription period are covered indefinitely.

Epidemic Sound and Artlist both offer unlimited access to their libraries with an active subscription. However, it is against the terms of service to scrape content or use bots to download tracks and sound effects.

Epidemic Sound provides a generous 30-day trial period, while Artlist offers a limited trial with watermarked tracks. Refunds for Epidemic Sound are not available once the trial period ends and the subscription is active. Artlist has a strict refund policy, only allowing refunds within 14 days of purchase if no assets have been downloaded or used in a project.

"In our article, we encourage people to understand the refund and free trial policies. Some individuals may forget to cancel their subscription and end up posting negative reviews, which can harm the reputation of the companies," said Vitaliy, owner of IMHO Reviews.

In conclusion, the report suggests that Epidemic Sound is the better choice for those seeking a larger library and a monthly subscription. Artlist, on the other hand, may be more suitable for commercial plans, with broadcasting and TV coverage and no restrictions on the number of accounts per platform. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the content creator.


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