IMHO Reviews Mindvalley Upcoming Launches And 40% Off Annual Membership

June 17, 2022 at 16:22

Aventura, Florida -

Mindvalley, an online learning platform that is known for its personal growth and transformational courses, has just announced that they will be having a 2-day sale on the annual membership starting June,18. In their latest article, IMHO Reviews article talks about the terms of this promotion, explains what is included in the membership, and discusses the latest Mindvalley courses that were launched this year and the upcoming ones that will be launched in the next several weeks.

MIndvalley IMHO Reviews

"Mindvalley is a unique learning platform. You don't go to Mindvalley to learn copywriting, marketing, or programming. The things you learn from their courses are the ones that transform all areas of your life - mind, body, relationships, and career. It is very powerful knowledge, and that is why I'm so excited about the sale that the company is having this month. It means that more people will gain access to this knowledge and learn the things that will change their lives," said the owner of IMHO Reviews, Vitaliy Lano.

According to the article, Mindvalley Membership includes unlimited access to over 65 courses, called Quests, that are taught by the world's top experts and valued at $15,000. The regular price for an annual membership is $499, but during a 2-day event, on June 18 and 19, the company will be offering it with a 40% discount.

Minddvalley 40 Off Discount Code From IMHO Reviews

"Mindvalley offers courses in various topics such as wellness and health, money, productivity, love and relationships, personal mastery, qigong, advanced spirituality, confidence, hypnotherapy, energy healing, charisma, and much more. By becoming a Mindvalley member, you are gaining tools and ideas that will guarantee your success," added Vitaliy.

Mindvalley Membership also grants access to weekly Live sessions featuring the biggest trainers, celebrities, and bestselling authors; full access to Mindvalley Meditations for deep inner transformation; access to Mindvalley’s private social network; and exclusive invitations to Mindvalley global events.

The IMHO Reviews article mentions that six more upcoming Mindvalley courses that will be launched later this year are also included in Mindvalley Membership in an addition to already existing 65+ Quests - Body Language for Dating & Attraction by Linda Clemons, Building an Inevitable Brand by Jeffrey Perlman, Breathwork for Life by Niraj Naik, Scale Your Business to $1 Million by Verne Harnish, Course Pro by Jimmy Naraine, and Build Your Dream Community by Radha Agrawal.

In the next few weeks, Mindvalley will be also launching two new programs. The first one is the Duality program, which is a 8-week course taught by energy healer Jeffrey Allen. The goal of this course is to master a personal energetic system and awaken energetic abilities through a curriculum of guided meditations and exercises. The program will launch on June 19, 2022. The second program that will launch in the next few weeks on Mindvalley is the Modern Qigong created by the internationally renowned Qigong expert and instructor Lee Holden. This course lasts 30 days and teaches how to unblock Qi energy in order to reverse the effects of stress, illness, and aging, recharge the body's batteries and live healthier lives. Both courses require 15 to 20 minutes a day and consist of video lessons and easy-to-follow exercises. The programs are suitable for both beginners and more advanced learners.

For more information about Mindvalley's upcoming courses and a 40% discount on a Mindvalley Annual Membership, check out IMHO Reviews' latest article.


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