Innovation A Key Part of Houston Gulf Coast Roofing Company’s Success

August 19, 2022 at 22:35

Webster, Texas -

Houston, TX Gulf Coast Contractor, Mighty Dog Roofing, established long ago a reputation for doing roofing work the right way. Now they have taken that one step further by adding the designation of being one of the Houston Gulf Coast area’s most innovative roofing specialists. They have accomplished that by thinking out of the box when it comes to serving their customers and by incorporating the latest technologies into their business practices.

Native Houstonian and franchise owner, James Smyth, had this to say about being part of such an innovative roofing company, “It’s no secret that there are not only many roofs in the Houston, Texas Gulf Coast Area but there are also numerous roofing companies around to help take care of those roofs. The problem is many of those roofing companies settle for doing business the same way that they did 10, 20, and even 30 years ago. I am proud to say that I belong to a roofing company that is quite different and likes to come up with progressive new ways to serve our customers and their roofing needs better.”

Mighty Dog Roofing of Houston Gulf Coast

Smyth stated that this all starts with the drone roof assessments that the company is now doing. There is no quicker and more accurate way to analyze the condition of a roof. He says this applies, even more, when it comes to larger irregular-shaped residential roofs and big commercial roofs that are not practical to inspect by walking them. It was also pointed out that the roof assessments that they at Mighty Dog Roofing of Houston Gulf Coast do using drone technology are even accepted by most insurance companies for claims purposes. The franchise owner also mentioned that drone roof inspections are now being used extensively when it comes to assessing the condition of a roof before a home sale. Drone assessments are also considered to be a non-biased way of inspecting a roof and can even incorporate other data into them such as the weather conditions at the time of the assessment. Those that are interested in seeing this roofer’s drone technology in action can watch a video of one of their drone roof inspections which they posted on their website.

Other innovative and progressive means that the company uses to provide a seamless customer experience include what is known as a customer vault. It’s a great way for customers to have a place where they can keep track of their home’s exterior records. This even includes pictures of the completed jobs that were done, a list of the major materials used, and any associated warranties with that work. This Houston Gulf Coast roofing services provider even has made available a curb appeal visualizer that lets customers see what their home would look like with different types of colored shingles on top of it. The franchise owner also mentioned that part of being an innovative roofing contractor includes offering other exterior improvement services too. This includes Mighty Dog Roofing of Houston Gulf Coast offering a complete line of siding services, gutter and downspout repairs & installation, and many new & replacement window installation options.

Smyth added, “Mighty Dog Roofing has long been an authority in industry innovation. I am confident that they will continue to make it their franchise-wide mission to supplement our certified and experienced roofing specialists with some of the latest and most innovative software and technology to help provide a seamless customer experience.” The franchise owner went on to say that they at Mighty Dog Roofing of Houston Gulf Coast take great pride in being an independently owned and operated, nationally backed, roofing contractor franchise. They not only are progressive, but they also place a strong emphasis on customer service, using superior roofing products, and having well-trained roofing technicians. This is how their Houston Gulf Coast roofing company has established itself as a top choice for homeowners that need roof repairs in their area. More on the roofing and other exterior services that the company offers can be obtained by calling them or by referring to the company website.


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