Insurance Covered Baby Formula Provided To Families In Need

May 27, 2022 at 15:57

Bloomington, IL based Insurance Covered Baby Formula is taking steps to help American families pay for baby formula via insurance. While the company is headquartered in Illinois, they are able to connect with families around the country via their web portal, and their network of insurance partners is active in every state. As such, Insurance Covered Baby Formula represents an excellent option for those who wish to use their insurance provider to help them pay for and order baby formula.

In recent times, the country has experienced a surge in communities reporting shortages of baby formula, and this has become one of the most pressing matters new parents are grappling with today. In addition to shortages making it more difficult for families to procure baby formula, however, many will undoubtedly find that prices will be affected as well, making matters worse — especially for parents whose children require specialty products.

In a recent article titled ‘The nationwide baby formula shortage is getting worse,’ CBS News says, “At retailers across the US, 40% of the top-selling baby formula products were out of stock as of the week ending April 24, a new analysis from Datasembly, which tracked baby formula stock at more than 11,000 stores, shows. National out-of-stock levels jumped nine percentage points, from 31% to 40% between April 3 and April 24. That's up sharply from 11% in November.” The article later adds, “Prices of baby formula, which three-quarters of babies in the U.S. receive within their first six months, have also spiked. The average cost of the most popular baby formula products is up as much as 18% over the last 12 months.”

Insurance Covered Baby Formula adds that parents will want to exercise extreme caution if they are recommended baby formula from sources outside the US, such as from European producers. EU-produced formula is not subject to Food and Drug Administration oversight, and their labeling guidelines differ enough that a parent would not have much warning of a potential dietary concern even if they read the label thoroughly prior to feeding their infant. This is also why EU formula cannot currently legally be sold in the US, and parents are advised to reconsider using other channels to obtain it as well, especially if their child is known to have specific dietary restrictions or needs.

Fortunately, the company has been helping parents pay for specialty formula with insurance since well before the current crisis, and their team has been hard at work assisting families who have been hit the most this year. Insurance Covered Baby Formula offers three types of specialty formulas to address a baby's unique nutritional needs: hypoallergenic formulas, metabolic formulas and premature infant formulas. Respectively, these products are designed for babies who suffer from food and milk allergies, have a metabolic disorder that prevents them from breaking down food efficiently and who need extra nutrients and calories (as a result of being born prematurely, etc).

To those unfamiliar with the company, Insurance Covered Baby Formula is an in-network provider that has built a reputation for partnering with the most insurance companies, making it highly likely that they can help parents make the most of their insurance coverage. The list of insurance providers they work with is long and illustrious, including names like Tricare, BCBS and Anthem, and parents can expect the company to dedicate themselves to exploring every option to ensure their specialty formula is covered by insurance.

The company recognizes that recent years have been hard for many families of young children, and the challenges they face go well beyond a shortage in baby formula. As such, they are committed to making a difference wherever possible.

Parents from all over the country are encouraged to use the company’s web facility to find out whether they qualify for insurance covered baby formula. In the event they are not, the company will provide all the assistance they can to attain coverage. Insurance Covered Baby Formula’s customer service team is also accustomed to working with families under a great deal of stress, and they will do their utmost to alleviate this pressure where paying for specialty formula is concerned.


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