Jarvis Vision Centers Offers Innovative Neurolens Technology

March 01, 2023 at 08:30

Murray, Kentucky -

Murray, KY,— Jarvis Vision Center has announced that they will begin providing a new solution to their patients: the innovative Neurolens technology. Suited to any glasses frame, Neurolens provides patients with relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of eye misalignment, including head and neck aches, eye pain, dizziness, and more. Additionally, offering Neurolens allows their patients a new way to customize their eyewear to their vision needs using the practice’s wide range of frames from independent brands.

“Neurolens is such an exciting technology to carry,” said Reed Jarvis, O.D., owner of Jarvis Vision Center. “I know our patients will appreciate us bringing on new solutions that can help them see clearly and comfortably in their day-to-day lives — especially something that integrates so easily into one’s life like Neurolens does.”

Dr. Jesse Williams of Jarvis Vision Center

Eye misalignment is a condition that is becoming more common in our modern world with long periods of screen time on devices like phones and tablets. It occurs when the eyes struggle to work together as a team, which makes it more difficult for them to focus. As a result, the body continuously makes small adjustments to compensate for the difficulty in focusing on details, causing symptoms like migraines, eye strain and fatigue, motion sickness, and more. To provide relief of eye misalignment and the discomfort it causes, Neurolens uses a one-of-a-kind contoured prism lens design.

“Neurolens helps realign a patient’s eyes, easing strain to provide relief from all sorts of symptoms. The lenses make adjustments the body would otherwise be making,” Dr. Jarvis said. “Patients come in with all kinds of aches and pains and might not even realize misalignment is the root cause. With Neurolens, we can give patients of any prescription the help they need with glasses they love, which is what we always want at Jarvis Vision Center.”

Neurolens is available at Jarvis Vision Center, which is open and taking appointments for current and new patients.

About Jarvis Vision Center

An optometry practice with a community-minded spirit, Jarvis Vision Center is a primary eye care provider with a heavy emphasis on creating an exceptional patient experience and finding solutions for unique problems. Noted for their incredible appointment turnaround, they offer services including comprehensive eye exams, myopia management, and eye disease management. They also offer a range of eyewear, including specialty sports contact lenses.

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