La Paz Optometric Center Adds Avulux Anti-Migraine Lens Technology

May 12, 2023 at 14:19

Laguna Hills, California -

Laguna Hills, CA — La Paz Optometric Center has announced that they will now offer Avulux, a new glasses lens technology that helps prevent migraines. These innovative lenses are engineered to diminish migraines by filtering out certain forms of light. By offering the new lenses, La Paz Optometric Center continues to achieve their mission of being a hub for full-service eye care. Avulux also highlights the relationship between the eyes and a patients’ overall wellbeing, showing how there are different issues that can be solved with eye care solutions, a specialty at La Paz Optometric Center.

Created as a special type of lens technology that’s compatible with almost any new frame, Avulux works by filtering out 97% of blue, red, and amber light, which have been proven to directly trigger the pain that can lead to migraines. By filtering out these forms of light, the risk of a light-induced migraine occurring is significantly reduced.

“We’re very excited to offer Avulux lenses to our patients,” said Aaron Sako, O.D., co-founder, owner, and optometrist at La Paz Optometric Center. “Migraines can be incredibly debilitating, and light sensitivity is actually the cause of around 60% of migraines. They’re an elegant solution to a problem that often seems insurmountable. Being able to get relief with a simple pair of glasses is something our patients will really value, and we want them to know that they can come to us to resolve issues that might not seem related to eyesight.”

“The precision filters used by Avulux, as opposed to grey filters used in less clinically successful lenses, make a big difference,” Sako added. “What really showed the promise of Avulux was how the brain didn’t react with pain when viewing light through the precision filters, compared to the grey. In real life, you can’t just retreat into the dark to deal with a migraine: they can happen any time, so this technology truly helps those who need it conveniently deal with migraines during day-to-day life.”

In addition to filtering out harmful forms of light, Avulux’s patented lens technology allows over 70% of green light to pass through. Green light, in the same studies that analyzed other kinds of light, was shown to minimize pain caused by light sensitivity. By letting in the soothing green light instead, Avulux helps provide further relief for those suffering from migraines.

“As an eye care practice, we always want to bring the best care, treatment, and eyewear options to our patients,” said Sako. “Avulux lenses are great for either preventing migraines from coming on in the first place or stopping them in their tracks if you do feel one about to happen. That’s a win-win. I can’t wait to start helping fit people with Avulux lenses with the great selection of frames we have available!”

La Paz Optometric Center is open and taking appointments for new and existing patients.

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