Langosta Lounge Promotes Sustainability and Hosts “Food for Thought by the Sea” Events

December 14, 2022 at 16:50

Asbury Park, NJ: Good food and drink, an inviting atmosphere, and reasonable prices have always been a restaurant’s priorities. However, in recent years, restaurateurs focus on sustainability to set themselves apart from the competition. One restaurant that has been a huge success by prioritizing sustainability is Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Owner Marilyn Schlossbach has made sure that sustainable respect for nature is built into the restaurant’s practices.

For more than ten years now, Langosta Lounge has been a cornerstone of the Asbury Park community. The restaurant provides guests with an unparalleled dining experience that captures the essence of coastal living. With floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor deck offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, Langosta Lounge offers a unique and inviting atmosphere that blends organic and modern elements in perfect harmony. In addition to these luxe amenities, Langosta Lounge also prides itself on using responsibly-sourced ingredients in its most recent menu.

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In order to ensure the freshest meals possible, Langosta Lounge sources its ingredients from local farmers and producers. Moreover, as seafood is one of their specialties, the restaurant makes sure to frequently get new fresh catches from the close-by ocean. The dynamic culinary landscape represents Langosta Lounge’s success in creating innovative yet sustainable menu items. Every dish on the updated menu is made with passion and commitment, such as the Lobster Mac & Cheese or Caribbean Vacation.

To top off their unique dining experience guests can now enjoy live music at sundown with drink specials that are sure to please even the pickiest guests. Cocktails, beer, and wine are all available to pair with their delicious dishes. With this concept, Langosta Lounge brings a vibrant energy to the Asbury Park Boardwalk, making it easy for customers to lose themselves in the ambiance and enjoy their time by the sea.

Furthermore, by hosting different types of events like community-driven fundraisers, Langosta Lounge has become more than just a place to eat - it is now a hub to connect with others. Food for Thought by the Sea, a program backed by the restaurant, provides meals for hungry youth in the area. This program is just an example of how Langosta Lounge creates a positive difference for local residents and does its part in making their community stronger as a whole.

About Langosta Lounge:

Langosta Lounge is a vibrant restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ. Established in 2008 by Marilyn Schlossbach, the restaurant has become a staple of the area, providing an unparalleled coastal dining experience. From creative cocktails and craft beers to delicious dishes and stunning views, Langosta Lounge has it all. For more information, visit


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