Lucid Leverage Offers a High Quality Press Release Writing Service for Boosting Brand Value

December 21, 2022 at 23:43

Tempe, Arizona -

Arizona-based digital marketing agency Lucid Leverage is offering a high quality press release writing service to help brands build a strong online following and drive traffic to their websites and social media.

Lucid Leverage has set up a robust press release publication workflow that includes both content creation and distribution. The company can create a press release that perfectly encapsulates a brand’s value proposition. A press release can be tailored for any particular milestone that the business is proud of achieving. While the headline draws people in with the news about the milestone, the rest of the press release can then be used to familiarize readers with the business’s other related products and services. Thus, press releases become a potent marketing tool that can bring in new customers and keep existing customers updated about what matters to them the most.

Chris Quintela from Lucid Leverage talks about its press release writing process by saying, “Our press release packages are made to be plug-and-play. All the writing is handled by our seasoned US-based writers and editors who will craft content that meets even the most stringent journalistic standards. Just give us the details of the notable event or announcement that you would like to get out into the ether. You can share as little as you want and our team can extrapolate based on your brand’s history, the industry you operate in, and any other recent coverage you may have received. If you want complete control over the press release, you can provide us with highly detailed instructions that our writers and editors will meticulously stick to, ensuring your brand is promoted and talked about exactly how you want. The result is a press release that highlights your recent achievements as well as educates your target audience about your business.”

Once the press release is ready, Lucid Leverage will then handle its distribution which involves sending it off to its huge network of social media hubs and news sites. The Phoenix press release services agency has built up a relationship with publication networks such as Yahoo Finance, Gannett, FOX, ABC, NBC, and the CW, among others. Eventually, the press releases get picked up by news aggregators such as Google News where they not only find a broader audience but also play a significant role in increasing the ranking and visibility of the brand’s online presence.

Lucid Leverage creates press release content that is 100% original and accurate. Moreover, since the writers are well-versed in digital marketing best practices, the content is also highly SEO optimized. Lucid Leverage’s writers perform extensive, highly-targeted keyword research to ensure that the press releases get the maximum boost from search engines.

The spokesperson for the Phoenix SEO resellers comments on what makes a marketable press release by saying, “Most press releases tend to be bland and robotic. They have very little or nothing of substance to offer. They don’t grab your ideal reader’s attention and, more importantly, journalists and influencers don’t find them newsworthy enough to circulate them on their own platforms. To truly unlock a press release’s full potential, you need to tell a compelling story about your brand that resonates with those who you want to attract. Moreover, you also have to be consistent in publishing them as regular media coverage will keep your business alive in the minds of your target audience. At Lucid Leverage, we have assembled a writing and editing team that understands these core tenets and can regularly publish engaging content on a fixed schedule. Contact us today to get started and see your brand get talked about like never before.”

Lucid Leverage, established in 2015, is a digital marketing agency specializing in online reputation management (ORM), search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube marketing, and social media marketing across the USA, Canada, and the UK. Business owners can contact the Phoenix digital marketing company at (480) 269-4544 or to set up an appointment or to inquire about its full range of services.


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