MAP Coaching Institute Explains Why There’s a Need for a New Trauma Therapy

July 18, 2022 at 16:49

The owners of MAP Coaching Institute are eager to let more people know about the services that they provide and their therapeutic accomplishments that resulted in many people becoming free from what has been hindering them to achieve success, through the application of a new trauma therapy. Colette Streicher, who developed the MAP Method™ with the help of Dr. Garry Flint, wants to point out that there’s a need for this new kind therapy to help people with their anxiety, stresses, and various types of trauma, in a way that is effective and fast. While most American therapists have been able to get results over the course of several months or even years for each patient, not every patient has been able to persist over such a long period of time. With the MAP Method, they were able to provide fast results that persist and were able to lift people’s lives.

According to Colette Streicher, the MAP Method can work rapidly and have long lasting effects because it is based on evidence-based research with regards to how memories are created in the brain, especially long-term emotional memories. This kind of memory is created in the brain through the development of a neural pathway that has long been considered to be permanent. With that assumption, previous therapies were based on developing parallel pathways to serve as competition for the neural pathway of that particular emotional memory. Unfortunately, the parallel pathways tended to be less strong and less stable, which often resulted in a relapse. With MAP, they have discovered a way to “rewire” or “reconsolidate” the memory and establish a new neutral one. This was made possible by their discovery of a way to reopen the synapses and create a new learning such that the old memory is now neutralized as the negative emotions are being disconnected from the core memory. This new memory is associated with peace and harmony, thus allowing the person to feel safe and at peace with long-lasting results.

The MAP Method is a scientifically based therapeutic approach that makes use of the brain’s neuroplasticity to rewire and modify long-term memories that frequently act as blocks or are simply not helpful for the particular individual in attaining success. It allows for the replacement of the old negative wiring of the brain with a new connection that is positive or at least neutral. This can result in rapid changes and a reshaping of the way that the person thinks and behaves.

Colette Streicher, Founder and President of the MAP Coaching Institute, says, “The MAP Coaching Program is designed to boost your mental fortitude and awareness so that you can be focused and create goals and stick to them until you make them happen. The program is designed to retrain your brain for happiness, and you can become more focused, more clear and more creative. Our goal in using this unique method is to enable people to easily overcome emotional stress, eliminate unconscious blocks fast, and gently heal any unresolved trauma.”

Introduced in 2015, the MAP Coaching Institute was created to apply their proprietary MAP Method that is intended to help people in realizing that they have a power within themselves to effectively and rapidly alter their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that often act as stumbling blocks in their path towards achieving extraordinary lives. They are also keen on teaching the program’s methods to other professionals, such as counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, to help them offer a better treatment method for their clients.

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