Matt Tarrant Reveals the Best Ways to Get Views on YouTube and Use It for Marketing

September 08, 2022 at 15:17

Charnwood, England -

Matt G Tarrant has recently published a YouTube video where he claims that contrary to the belief that YouTube is no longer useful for marketing, there are 30 ways of getting more views and increasing the number of subscribers. This particular YouTube video is a trailer of the video of Rich Schefren interviewing YouTube expert Ian Carmichael’s "30 YouTube Growth Hacks for Getting 3.5 Million Subscribers.” Matt Tarrant will be providing the video for free plus an Action Guide that details to the viewer exactly how to get all those subscribers. He will also provide a case study. This recently published video can be accessed at A link in the video description will bring the viewer to the full interview, action guide, and case study. It is actually an affiliate link but the first one is available for free.

Matt Tarrant applies tip number 17 in his YouTube video. Tip number 17 is about starting the video with a polarizing opinion that some people may disagree with. He starts his video with the statement that “YouTube is dead for marketing.” The polarizing statement creates interest in the video. While some people may agree that YouTube is no longer useful for marketing, some people may disagree with it. What is interesting is that both kinds of people will likely get curious on what the video is about.

best ways to get views on youtube

Matt Tarrant points out that because of over 500 hours of new content being added to YouTube every minute, it is indeed becoming harder for a particular YouTube video to attract attention, go viral, and then increase its audience organically. The solution, therefore, is to generate more views for the video, increase the number of subscribers and increase revenue by applying Evan Carmichael’s 30 YouTube techniques or growth hacks. These growth hacks have been shown to boost the engagement created by the marketer’s YouTube channel’s home page, titles, thumbnails, and content. These offer various benefits, such as: boost engagement; build the marketer’s YouTube subscriber list; grow the marketer’s internal email list; enhance the marketer’s authority; allows people to know, like and trust the YouTube content publisher; and finally transform the organic YouTube traffic into revenue.

Evan Carmichael points out that YouTube is the best place to place one’s content if content education has to be provided before a sale. YouTube enables the marketer to become an expert in the eyes of the viewers in such a way that all the other platforms are unable to. This is because people now tend to go to YouTube when they want to learn how to do certain things. While people still go to YouTube for music videos, dances and similar content, it has quickly become a place for education as well for a lot of people. This also offers the advantage of increasing revenue from ads, which effectively decreases the cost per conversion because subscribers already know the YouTube channel owner.

Matt Tarrant had shown an unusual ability for marketing while working in various companies. He had been a fellow at Centre for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, when he came in contact with employees of a US corporation planning to establish their first office in Europe, in Germany. Later on, he accepted a position in that company, but it was not long after that he found out that the company was losing money. He went to work in helping that company become profitable and he did after six months. And he was able demonstrate that his success was not an accident by helping the company double its predicted net profit the following year. Later on, he was able to show that he could create online businesses with average success. At present, he specializes in developing profit machines for entrepreneurs.

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