Meet Positives Connects STI-Positive Singles

July 20, 2022 at 16:22

US based is pleased to announce that their membership is open to all positive singles who are looking for romantic relationships. Since its inception, the platform has been connecting people with others who share their STI-positive status and have similar goals.

“Dating while positive can be incredibly awkward at best and next to impossible at worst,” the site acknowledges. “Even when you are reasonably sure your partner will be understanding, you will need to have ‘the talk’ sooner rather than later, especially if you intend to have sexual contact in the near future. Even among our membership, who are highly cognizant of how important it is to have the talk, most would prefer not to have it altogether given the chance.” clarifies that this simply means their members prefer to explore dating opportunities with people who are much like them — positive singles who are living with an STI and know what that kind of life entails. While a non-positive individual can be empathetic, this often pales in comparison to someone who is actively living under the same conditions. The ‘talk,’ as it is often called, is only necessary with non-positive singles. In a community of positive individuals, however this is not required at all; it is universally acknowledged and understood.

Further, the platform has found that this is more advantageous for romantic relationships. To begin with, the fact that there is no longer a need to discuss the very personal matter of a positive status with a significant other means both parties are on more even ground from the beginning of their interaction. In addition to this, the shared experience of living with herpes or any other STI can mean they have common experiences to bond over. is a fully fledged dating platform in which people can meet positive singles they have the highest chances of developing a meaningful relationship with. While their primary goal is to make dating as simple as it is for non-positive individuals, they take it a step further by implementing a proprietary algorithm that matches people with those they have the highest likelihood of making a long-lasting connection with. Every member adds insights about themselves when they sign up, such as their hobbies, the region they reside in and even the specific STI they are living with. is capable of taking this input (along with a complex array of other data points) to determine who would best suit a member’s preferences (and vice versa).

The site aims to position itself as a highly competent platform for online dating, and they have already put in the work to bring their vision to life. As such, their members are able to find romance relatively easily, and their positive status has virtually no negative impact. In fact, many might prefer dating someone who has the same condition.

“If you discover that you are positive for an STI,” the site says, “you can rest assured that this is not the end of your romantic goals. Even among the general public, the stigma is slowly but surely fading, and part of our mission is to promote this evolution in the public consciousness. However, if you would prefer to connect with people who already know what it’s like to live with a condition like yours, you can find many kindred spirits among our members. They, and we, are ready to welcome you whenever you are ready to sign up and participate in the conversation.” recognizes that many will have questions about their framework, such as how they connect people, maintain privacy and more. The site has taken the initiative to answer the most common questions they receive through their FAQs and Meet Positives press resources, and they encourage the community to start here.

Alternatively, anyone interested in speaking with one of the site’s representatives can do so by contacting them directly. In addition to a contact portal on the website, the team can be reached via email. also maintains a presence on several social media platforms, and they always welcome inquiries from positive individuals who are looking for a welcoming community to join.


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