Miami Personal Injury Attorney David H. Charlip Launches New and Improved Website

June 03, 2022 at 21:20

Miami, Florida - Personal injury attorney David H. Charlip and his team at Charlip Law Group launches a new and improved website. The personal injury lawyer says that their website is upgraded to ensure that the clients can navigate quickly and find the information they need more efficiently. The user interface of the website is also updated as a step to reach their goal of reaching more people in the community.

“The most serious injuries are the most costly to the injury victim or family members, and they are also often the most complicated of personal injury matters. At Charlip Law Group, we understand how to prepare a compelling case that takes into account a lifetime of additional expenses for a person living with traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, or for family members who have lost a valued member of the family,” says the Miami, Florida personal injury attorney.

Miami Florida personal injury attorney

The new update of the website of Charlip Law Group focuses on making the website more accessible even for those who are not used to navigating the internet. The website upgrade also makes it easier for people to find access to more personal injury information that may be helpful for their case.

The visitors can easily find all the practice areas that the lawyer handles on the website. They usually focus on personal injury cases but they are also able to fight for consumer interests such as Foreclosure Defense, Mortuary Litigation, and Property Insurance Claims. The lawyer may also be able to help with Mediation and Arbitration, Mortuary Law, and Contracts.

According to the personal injury lawyer, “It can sometimes feel like the law favors the major banks, hospital groups, pharmaceutical giants, and multinational corporations, with all of that wealth and influence at their disposal. These companies may indeed have armies of lawyers and unlimited resources on their side, but the law is the same for everyone. Several laws are written specifically to protect the interests of consumers from deceptive or heavy-handed tactics of big business.”

Attorney Charlip encourages the visitors of their website to reach out if they have any questions regarding their case. Charlip Law Group prides itself on maximizing the services it can provide to its clients regardless of how big or small the case is. They are also able to take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that the client does not have to pay unless they can obtain a recovery.

About Charlip Law Group

Attorney David H. Charlip has been helping clients in Miami and all across the country for over 30 years. His team of legal professionals at Charlip Law Group carries on years of tradition of meeting the legal needs of businesses and individuals in Miami, throughout Florida, and across the nation. An experienced litigator, David Charlip has a record of winning cases with a high success rate in foreclosure defense and commercial litigation. Charlip Law Group, LC maintains a strong federal practice and handles cases nationwide. Contact them today to schedule a consultation.


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