Mount Kisco NY Podiatrist Acquires Saorsa Swift Wart Removal Machine for Plantar Warts Treatment

March 01, 2023 at 00:33

Mount Kisco Foot Specialists, a podiatry practice in Mount Kisco, NY, has recently acquired a Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine that they will use for plantar warts treatment. It offers an innovative way of getting rid of plantar warts where low dose microwave energy is applied to the affected tissue, and this causes a rapid rise in its temperature. This stimulates the natural immune system to act on the warts. Those who are interested in learning more about the Swift machine method for treating plantar warts and other podiatry services offered by Mount Kisco Foot Specialists can check out their website at

Dr. Richard Alan Berliner from Mount Kisco Foot Specialists says, “The common wart is known as verruca vulgaris. It is caused by a viral infection of the skin. This occurs as a result of direct contact with the virus. Warts are contagious and can spread to the skin on other parts of the body or to other family members. When they occur on the bottom of the foot, they are called plantar warts. There are many over-the-counter treatments available for warts. Unfortunately, these are usually ineffective at treating warts on the feet. Plantar warts are very resistant to all types of treatment, and several treatments may be required for complete resolution. But that was before the Swift machine became available. The Swift microwave therapy machine provides a game changing way of getting rid of the warts using low dose microwave energy.”

It is important to note that while the Swift machine technology originated in the UK, it has been recently made available in the US and has already been approved by the FDA. It is considered to be safe because microwaves are a form of non-ionizing radiation, which means they don’t damage cell DNA. And microwaves have already been in used in medicine for more than 30 years in different countries around the world. Specifically, it has been used in the treatment of various types of cancer, such as lung, kidney, breast, and liver cancer. Those who want to know more about Mount Kisco Foot Specialists and the Swift microwave therapy machine for plantar warts can also check out their Twitter page at

Attached to the Swift microwave machine is an applicator that looks like a pen and can be held like a pen to precisely apply the microwaves to the affected tissue. This allows the podiatrist to avoid the application of the microwaves to the healthy tissue and only to the wart. And the machine has been designed such that the microwaves have been assured to travel only in straight lines, which means they will have no lateral spread, unlike what happens in cryotherapy. The application has a disposable tip that is supposed to be used for only one session in order to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. To ensure this, the machine has an in-built sensor that detects if the disposable tip has not been replaced, in which case it will not be turned on until the disposable tip has been replaced with a new one.

Founded in 1994, Mount Kisco Foot Specialists has an office that is conveniently located in Mount Kisco, NY, in a building that is accessible by wheelchair and has a lot of free parking, and their waiting room is child-friendly. The doctors have all undergone extensive training in the different aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery, including the latest and most advanced approaches. They offer treatment for all types of foot ailments, from simple ingrown nails and warts to the extreme life-threatening infections and reconstructive foot surgery. Their modern office is fully-equipped to handle all foot care requirements. They can do x-rays, non-invasive vascular testing, and physical therapy. They can provide extra depth diabetic shoes, the best custom-molded orthotics, custom foot and ankle braces, OTC orthotics, custom diabetic inserts, diabetic socks, silicone foot pads, topical wart medications, skin creams, Biofreeze gel, and personal pumi bars.

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