Mudbrick Herb Cottage Explores The Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil

August 15, 2023 at 23:31

QLD based Mudbrick Herb Cottage has published an article on frankincense essential oil and its various uses. The store sells a broad range of essential oils and related products, and they are highly aware of the myriad benefits that can be gained from such items. As such, they hope the article will help more people explore what this particular essential oil has to offer.

According to the article, frankincense essential oil has a long and storied history in multiple cultures and regions, and it has always been valued for its role in certain medicinal contexts. Today, many may be more familiar with the essential oil’s applications in aromatherapy, but this is far from its only use. Those who are keen to take advantage of everything nature provides should make it a point to look into this essential oil as part of their explorations.

Manufacturers of frankincense essential oil imbibes it with numerous bioactive compounds that make it invaluable among holistic and Ayurvedic practitioners, the article says, such as boswellic acids, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and myrcene and linalool. These compounds have been known to show several properties that make them useful in healing solutions, from producing an anti-inflammatory response in the body to helping people manage anxiety, depression and more.

It even has a range of cosmetic applications. The article says, “Frankincense essential oil has a laundry list of skin benefits, such as its ability to soothe rough/dry skin and alleviate symptoms of skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. And if your skin seems to constantly struggle with wounds and scars, frankincense EO can help; it reduces the levels of Type III collagen and inflammation, accelerating the healing process and preventing scar formation. Some studies also suggest that it shows ‘promising potential’ to help regulate inflammation and tissue remodelling in human skin, which have long-term impacts on the tissues, organs and overall health.”

Those who have used essential oils previously will be pleased to learn frankincense oil poses no undue challenge. According to the article, the best way to reap the benefits of this essential oil is to use it in aromatherapy, particularly if the goal is to relieve anxiety and stress. As with any other essential oil, it can be added to a diffuser to ensure optimal propagation in the local environment. Mudbrick Herb Cottage says it can also be combined with other essential oils to produce a therapeutic blend that is unique to the individual.

Some prefer to use frankincense essential oil on their skin to reduce pain, promote healing or reduce the appearance of ageing. Mudbrick Herb Cottage suggests that it be combined with a carrier oil (with a ratio of 1-2 drops per teaspoon) for this purpose, though users are also advised to carry out a patch test prior to full application. Those who wish to read more are welcome to check out the full article on Mudbrick Herb Cottage’s official blog space.

Mudbrick Herb Cottage is committed to helping their community find and make use of the best plant products in the region, including Australian essential oils. The team has seen firsthand how powerful nature’s bounty can be when applied correctly, and they consider it their mission to place these advantages within reach of the average individual as well. This sentiment is evident in every action the company takes and in every product they create, and it has not gone unappreciated by the communities Mudbrick Herb Cottage serves.

One customer calls Mudbrick Herb Cottage, “One of my favourite stores! The stock (plants and soil) arrive in a healthy condition, the staff are sincerely and consistently helpful, the prices are amazing, and they always let me know when items on backorder are back in stock. I am absolutely in love with their roses, and have purchased so many. My Instagram account (pictures below) is filled with these healthy edible flowers that I use in my foodie recipes and for cake decorating.”

The review continues, “I just can't say enough lovely things about this company. My garden looks amazing because of the healthy, organic edibles that I have purchased from this company. But yes, the jewel in their crown are their roses. It delights me to go and pick these daily and use them for culinary purposes.”

Customers who would like to enjoy a similar experience may do so simply by visiting the store’s official website today. In addition to essential oils, they offer a wide selection of herbs, teas, skincare products and more.


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