My Emergency Dentist Offers Practical Tips for Immediate Care

May 15, 2023 at 16:15

My Emergency Dentist, a dental practice specialising in emergency dental care, is providing practical tips for immediate care to patients who experience dental emergencies.

Dental emergencies can arise suddenly and can cause immense discomfort and pain, making it essential to seek immediate care from dental professionals. Dr Zaheer Kadwa, a spokesperson for My Emergency Dentist, explains, "Toothaches can be brought on by different things, sometimes it might be patients that are grinding their teeth or patients that have cracked their teeth, or often it might be a cavity that has just gone undetected for a very long time, and it's not extended into the nerve, and it's causing the patient a toothache."

Dr. Zaheer Kadwa further explains that there are various types of dental emergencies that can be predictably treated through a root canal or extraction. It is important to realise that antibiotics alone cannot fix a dental emergency.

The second most common type of dental emergency that the practice sees is fractured teeth, often from trauma. Dr. Zaheer Kadwa advises patients to come and see the dentist as soon as possible to make sure that no further damage has occurred. These cases can be restored quite predictably with a filling.

The third most common type of dental emergency that the practice sees are displaced or luxated teeth, which occur when teeth have been moved out of position, often from trauma. Dr. Kadwa advises that a dentist needs to see these cases to reposition the tooth and to apply a splint to hold that tooth in position for a couple of weeks until the bone resets around the tooth. Follow-up appointments are required to ensure that the teeth on either side will remain healthy.

In cases where a tooth falls out of the socket completely, known as avulsed teeth, it is essential to seek immediate care. "Dentists can treat this problem if the tooth is brought to the clinic within 60 minutes, and the team can replant the tooth into position. There are minimal long-term effects if the team does things that way. It's important that if this happens, not to delay treatment," says Dr. Zaheer Kadwa. If immediate treatment is not possible, putting the tooth in milk is still beneficial, but reimplantation as soon as possible will give the tooth the best chance of success.

Infections are another source of common dental emergency presentations. Often, this can be fixed through root canal therapy or in some cases, the tooth may need to be removed. It is important to come in to see the dentist to accurately diagnose and treat the problem. Antibiotics can help, but they are certainly not the first-line treatment. In extremely severe cases, the infection can spread into the neck, and the patient may have to go to the hospital for drainage of that infection.

Dr. Zaheer Kadwa expresses a positive outlook for the capacity of dental experts to manage dental emergencies proficiently in the days ahead. "At My Emergency Dentist, the team of dentists is well-equipped to handle dental emergencies with utmost proficiency. In case of any unfortunate event of a dental emergency, please feel free to contact them through the website where it can be booked online, and the team can commence the treatment promptly," reassures Dr. Zaheer Kadwa.

My Emergency Dentist is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to patients in need. To learn more about their services, please visit the website or contact them via email at


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