Nature's Rise Publishes Article on The Rising Demand for Mushrooms and Their Benefits

January 09, 2023 at 23:16

Sacramento, California -

Nature's Rise, a Sacramento-based company, has published an article addressing the rising demand for mushrooms. The new report has been in the works for the last six months. Earlier today, the company's CEO, David Longacre, in an interview with journalists, addressed why his team decided to investigate the growing demand for edible mushrooms.

"I was sitting in my office in June browsing the internet when an interesting article caught my eye," David Longacre told the journalists. "The article indicated that by 2028, the global mushroom market will surpass USD 86 billion. The article pointed out that annually, the market would experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.50% between 2022 and 2028."

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"This is a huge growth," added David, "and I just had to know why people would be interested in fungi this much. I immediately instructed my assistant to contact the Nature's Rise research team and ask them to dig deeper to understand why more people were becoming interested in mushrooms."

The CEO noted that initially, the idea behind looking into the growing demand for mushrooms was for him to satisfy his curiosity. However, David decided to invest in a detailed article when his team reported that the growing demand was connected to health benefits associated with several mushroom types.

"Nature's Rise has a website," continued David during the interview. "So, an article looked like the best way to discuss the growing demand for mushrooms. The article, however, had to be detailed enough. The goal was to ensure that by the time anyone was done with the article, they had no questions about why more people are consuming mushrooms."

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David noted that he knew the more profound research needed to put together a detailed article would be costly. However, he surprised himself when the article's budget became bloated.

"When the research team estimated the amount of money they needed to complete the article," said the Nature's Rise CEO, "the number was in the six figures region. At first, I could not understand why an article would need such a budget. However, the team explained that they had to pay researchers and experts in the mushroom field to pick their brains on the purported benefits of mushrooms. The research team noted that they had already contacted the experts and researchers and determined the amount they would need to sit down for at least an hour and discuss mushrooms."

David Longacre noted that when he realized the goal was to find and talk to people who would offer professional insights into the benefits people were going after when buying mushrooms, he approved the budget.

"Fixing a meet-up date for each mushroom professional was difficult," said David. "These professionals were in demand than we expected. It looked like the growing demand for mushrooms had also increased the demand for these professionals. This further explained why they demanded premium rates to sit down with us."

David noted that his research team finally managed to sit down with 20 mushroom experts and researchers. The group reportedly interviewed these researchers and then used the recordings to write the article.

"Finishing the article took a lot of time," noted David Longacre. "However, it was time well spent. Ultimately, Nature's Rise had 15 expert-approved mushroom benefits that have been increasing the demand for mushrooms."

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