New Blog Post Asks: Why Won't Anyone Install Flooring For Us?

November 02, 2022 at 23:23

Abbey Floors of California, based in Concord, CA, recently responded to a homeowner who wrote to ask why they were experiencing so much trouble finding a contractor to install their flooring. This question was answered on the company’s blog space, and Abbey Floors of California took the time to explain why businesses consider it a risk to install flooring they did not provide themselves. Read the new blog post from Abbey Floors Rancho Cordova here.

The homeowner who reached out to the company said, “We recently purchased some luxury vinyl plank flooring, but we can’t find anyone to install it for us: don’t local contractors and flooring stores want business and to make money? Why won’t anyone install this LVP for us?” The main issue, the company says in their response, is that the contractor who ultimately does the installation is also who will ultimately be responsible in the event the flooring presents with defects or is too easily damaged in the future. To the average client, this may seem fair, but an industry insider would also know that flooring defects are more often the victim of poor materials rather than poor installation.

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As such, a contractor would be taking a sizable risk by installing flooring they did not provide themselves. Since they cannot verify the flooring’s origins (aside from taking the original company at their word, at best), they have no way to estimate how well it would perform under regular wear and tear. Further, there is also a chance it would break during installation, which still means the installer may be responsible for replacing the damaged portion.

“Even though a business (e.g. our store),” says Abbey Floors of California, “didn’t sell you the material (some Luxury Vinyl Plank in this case), that business still on the hook to warranty the installation and fix any issues that might arise — and if there are issues, it’s more often related to product quality rather than the quality of the labor. No business will risk being on the hook for fixing problems with cheap products, especially if they didn’t sell them in the first place. Would you want to be on the hook for fixing something that was someone else’s fault? Probably not! And that’s why you’re unfortunately struggling to get your product installed.”

In an attempt to stay within budget, the homeowner unfortunately ran into a new obstacle that will likely be difficult to overcome. Others who may find themselves considering similar strategies, however, should know that there is no need for them to compromise the quality of their flooring in order to obtain a product and service that is within their means. Here, the company advises homeowners to contact their offices and request an estimate for any project. They state in the blog post, “Stores like ours can help you find something you love that’s both quality but in your budget. We offer free, no commitment estimates, so give us a call and hopefully you can return that other stuff!” See more on Abbey Floors Rancho Cordova here.

Abbey Floors of California is involved with every flooring job from beginning to end, offering comprehensive support in the early stages (thanks to an in-house design team) as well as handling installations by themselves. While the company takes a great deal of pride in their products and creative output, they also make it a point to provide superior customer service and after-sales care. Those who reach out to Abbey Floors of California can schedule a personal consultation at their convenience, and this will include a complimentary measure along with the free quote. The company wishes to make it as easy as possible for clients to breathe new life into their homes with new flooring, and this is only one of the methods by which they accomplish this. Notably, they are also offering 10% off for a new client’s first project, and numerous financing options are available as well.

More details are available on the company’s official website. Abbey Floors of California can be reached via phone, email or social media.


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