New Non Yellowing Resin Epoxy Helps Protect and Enhance Many Different Types of Art

December 02, 2022 at 16:37

ArtResin is a Carrollton, Texas-based company that has made a name for itself by creating an epoxy resin that can help protect and enhance many different types of art. This product has been chemically engineered to offer the most efficient yellowing protection on the market. It works well because of its advanced light stabilization additives that allow it to provide superior, long-term clarity. The company’s owners wanted to produce the highest quality, epoxy resin art coating and make it accessible to artists worldwide.

ArtResin co-founder, Rebecca Zak, says, “For many years, quality protective art resin was a substance that was, for the most part, only available to museum workers, art collectors, and a few select others. That is no longer the case with our widely available epoxy resin. Now anyone that purchases ArtResin epoxy resin can place a thick, glossy topcoat over the surface of their precious artwork that will protect it and give it a gorgeous, modern look. It works great on photos, wood art, paintings, crafts, and more.”

Epoxy Resin Offering Protection Against Yellowing

Zak went on to say that ArtResin's epoxy resin is a product known for its exceptional yellowing protection, considered far superior to other epoxy resin brands. She also added that while most people use their quality art resin on photos, wood, paintings, and crafts, people are only limited by their imagination as to the creative art projects it can be used for: that is, if it has been applied properly, but the company has got that covered too. ArtResin has put extra effort into creating instructional videos on its website. These tutorials demonstrate how to apply ArtResin on a number of different art projects, how to problem solve potential issues, and address frequently asked questions regarding proper resin usage. Those that are interested in ordering ArtResin can easily do so right on the company website.

The company co-founder also mentioned that ordering information and instructions on how to use their epoxy resin are not the only topics found on the ArtResin website: customers will also find a wide variety of blog articles. One of the latest articles discusses why a piece of artwork coated with epoxy resin may suddenly take on a yellowish appearance. The blog post states that there are a few key reasons why this could happen, including exposure to UV light, exposure to high temperatures, and over-torching the resin during application. It may also occur as a result of thick resin layers or the use of a poor-quality sealant. When it comes to paintings, inadequate time to allow the paint to dry and the use of titanium white can trigger a reaction that can cause epoxy resin to yellow. The blog ended by saying that those that use ArtResin epoxy resin have a better chance of avoiding yellowing in the long-term.

Zak shared that she really likes to post helpful, informational, thought-provoking blogs and videos on the ArtResin website. She expanded on this by stating, “I’m a mom, art teacher, business owner, and an artist. With this type of background, I like to get our customers’ creative juices flowing on everything from DIY projects and paintings to kids' crafts and other works of art. These blogs show that you don’t have to be exceptionally talented to enjoy creating art; anybody can do it, regardless of whether you have natural artistic talent or not.” There is also a gallery on the ArtResin website that displays high-resolution photos of the type of artwork made with the company’s epoxy resin. Several of the above-mentioned videos and blog articles can be seen on ArtResin’s Facebook Page as well. Zak concluded by reminding people that ArtResin is clear, looks great, is simple to apply, and is safe when used as directed.

Those that want to know more about this highly recommended epoxy resin, formulated with the most efficient yellowing protection on the market, can refer to the ArtResin website for even more information.


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