New Publications Show Efficacy of Addiction Treatment in this Spiritual Retreat Rehab Setting

April 24, 2023 at 21:28

Hakalau, Hawaii -

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab has announced the publication of 3 new resources supporting spiritual rehabilitation at their island facility. One of only 3 licensed recovery treatment centers in Hawaii, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab provides holistic addiction treatment that addresses a broken spirit, specializing in substance abuse treatment and programs for sexual compulsivity. Located in Hakalau on the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast, the treatment center offers a serene atmosphere where patients can experience therapeutic breakthroughs paramount to their recovery.

This holistic approach is the very basis of the center’s ethos. They use naturopathic therapies along with pharmaceutical treatment. Instead of a large, hospital-like facility, their center looks more like a boutique spa, hosting a maximum of 8 patients at a time. And while they have medical professionals staffed to support patients through detox and other medical needs, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab focuses primarily on spiritual therapy administered by licensed therapists.

A yoga class takes part in the spiritual rehab program at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

“We hope that when our clients leave treatment, they are fundamentally changed on a spiritual level,” a spokesperson comments. “That they are able to make deep, transformative breakthroughs that release the shame and guilt of being an addict and opens a path to a new way of life.”

The first of the 3 published resources focuses on spiritual treatment as therapy for addiction that allows patients to heal from within. This approach tackles the root of their addiction by delving deeply into their patients' spiritual psyches. The types of spiritual treatments they offer include Non-12-step therapy, nutritional therapy, nature immersion, healing the brain and nervous systems, bodywork, yoga, mental health therapies, mindfulness techniques, personal development, concierge IV infusions, EMDR therapy, and safe and comfortable detox therapy. This resource shows how these evidence-based therapies can be so beneficial to patients in recovery.

“These new resources put data to what we already know as therapists,” says Lead Therapist, Eric Wolf. Wolf is a trained narrative therapist educated at the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy and the Evanston Family Center in Chicago. “We know that healing the spirit can eliminate the physical and mental drive to act out these addictions,” he says.

The second resource focuses on sexual addiction treatment. The Exclusive recognizes sex addiction as a severe mental health disorder that can result in numerous physiological issues, not limited to disease, unintended pregnancies, and abuse. In addition to their holistic treatments, The Exclusive offers individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral techniques, and other evidence-based approaches.

To support this, The Exclusive has also published a third resource that talks about pornography addiction treatment in Hawaii, and why their facility is optimal for this type of care. The center can provide nature immersion treatments that pull the patient away from the internet and media that can trigger the addiction. Cognitive behavioral treatments can help patients uncover the true cause of their addiction, and replace harmful coping mechanisms with better ones.

“It’s not enough to practice the right treatments, but the setting is key,” says Wolf. “This is why our patients have so much success with us – our geographical location is very healing. The combination of a healing environment and the right therapies can be life-changing for patients.”

In addition to treating substance abuse and offering programs for sexual compulsivity, The Exclusive also works with patients battling anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and dual diagnosis that involves treatment of co-occurring mental disorders and addiction. The center can help people who have been broken by life’s challenges, whether dealing with addiction triggered by loss, grief, depression, or anything else.

“Treatment can save lives,” says Schroeder. “Not just the life of the patient, but the lives of anyone in the patient’s life who is affected by their addiction.”

Treatment options vary from 30, 60, or 90 days. In-house medical support is available for clients, as requested. To learn more about the rehab center, speak to their intake coordination team at (808) 775-0200 by phone, or by email at


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