New Women's Wellness Program Launched In New York

March 10, 2023 at 14:18

New York, NY based Bethany Medical Clinic would like to introduce their new women’s wellness program to the community. The program aims to help women deal with a wide range of issues pertaining to their health. Bethany Medical Clinic understands the unique needs of women, and this is why they offer everything from PAP smear testing to guidance regarding birth control options.

“At Bethany Medical Clinic, we strongly believe that this care should not be separated from primary care, but instead be interconnected with primary care services and all other aspects of health care,” says Bethany Medical Clinic. “Besides your women’s wellness visits, you can have an annual physical with your primary care doctor, a facial with your dermatologist, a check-in with your therapist and a meeting with an endocrinologist, all under the same roof. All of our health services are available to you, and you will find on many occasions that there are connections between each individual service. This is just one of the ways that Bethany Medical Clinic stands out.”

The clinic has an all-female senior team that works to cater to the specific needs of the modern working woman. They make use of an extremely flexible schedule, with patients being able to choose from early morning, late night and weekend appointments where they will receive care that is attuned to their unique individual needs. Bethany Medical Clinic aims to treat as many female leaders as possible, and their unique approach to women’s health regularly draws in very prominent individuals.

Bethany Medical Clinic offers two main types of visits to its female clients: ‘well woman visits’ and sick visits. Well woman visits focus on promoting and maintaining health over the course of a woman’s lifetime through preventive care. Bethany Medical Clinic aims to prevent said issues by detecting them early and taking steps to reduce the likelihood of them developing into more serious problems. Sick visits focus on diagnosis of new or existing symptoms or problems that a woman may be dealing with. It is recommended that women have at least one preventative care visit per year from adolescence onwards in order to ensure that they are always receiving the preventative care they need to stay healthy.

Bethany Medical Clinic offers a number of other services in addition to their women’s wellness program. The clinic has a team of 13 exceptional, passionate and dedicated medical care providers who are devoted to helping their patients lead happy, healthy lives.

“If you want the best medical clinics and doctors that NYC’s finest medical professionals can provide, then we encourage you to schedule your visits with Bethany Medical to get the assistance that you need,” the clinic says. “The clinic offers a wide range of services to cater to the needs of all visitors. This clinic can handle everything from primary care to specialist care, injury care to disease management, and medication management to consultations. Their staff of physicians and nurses is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the latest treatments, medications, and medical technologies. They will leave you in the image of health, and put you through a veritable school of options and treatments.”

The Bethany Medical Clinic team has helped dozens of people achieve better health over the years, and many have in turn left testimonials where they describe their experiences with Bethany Medical Clinic. One such patient says her recent experience with the clinic was also, “My first visit for a general checkup. Dr. Peters provided lifestyle changes before immediately recommending medication — I really appreciated that. He also made sure anything he recommended (blood tests, immunizations) were covered with my insurance prior to any action taking place. The nurse (Elba) drew my blood — she was great. Jacinta is a wonderful as well; she answered all of my questions and concerns thoroughly.”

Another testimonial says, “Everyone at the clinic was very helpful, knowledgeable, professional and friendly while still being efficient. They thoroughly explained everything that would happen at this appointment and the next. The hours are also convenient; the clinic is open later than most during the week and open on Saturdays.”

Those interested may get in touch with Bethany Medical Clinic for more information on the services they offer. The clinic can be reached by phone, email and more.


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