New York DWI Attorney Russ Kofman Explains the Alternative Programs for First-Time DWI Offenders

April 01, 2022 at 16:52

New York DWI attorney Russ Kofman releases a new article ( explaining the alternative programs for first-time DWI Offenders. The lawyer mentions that it is important to first understand where the case is happening. There are places, such as Manhattan, that do not have alternative programs for those who are charged with a DWI offense because they are very strict with these types of cases.

“We may be able to get a defendant a two-step conditional plea, meaning you would have to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and then participate in a program. You would then either have to wear an ankle bracelet for three or six months to monitor your alcohol levels, or you would have a keychain called a BACtrack which you would have to breathe into a couple of times a day to show that you were not consuming alcohol,” says the New York DWI attorney.

New York DWI attorney

The lawyer explains that a person charged with a DWI offense may also get TASC monitoring. This means that the defendant will have to come in and give a urine test at least once a week in order to prove that they were not consuming alcohol. With AEP (Alcohol Education Program) and DDP (Drunk Driving Program), it may be a bit more intensive.

Attorney Russ Kofman also adds that there may also be an Ignition Interlock Device installed for six months to a year if someone is convicted of a DWI charge. The lawyer says that for someone who is a first-time DWI offender, an option to attend rehabilitative programs may also be available.

According to the DWI lawyer, “People who end up going through these programs generally have a much better understanding and appreciation for why this should never happen again and why they should stay out of trouble, as compared to the prosecutor’s approach or perspective that no, they did not need these types of programs and that you had to take a misdemeanor because your reading was above a 0.14.”

Furthermore, attorney Kofman says that these programs are usually effective because they can be a hassle to attend every week and then go back to court every couple of months. Unfortunately, not all counties in New York offer these alternative programs. This is where a skilled lawyer comes in and makes a compelling case for their client and hopefully reduces their sentence.

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