NewMe Spa Offers Relaxing Massage in Nicosia for Mind and Body and Other Spa Treatments

December 12, 2022 at 15:47

Brighton, England -

NewMe Spa, a spa Nicosia residents can go to, wants to emphasize they offer the kind of massage treatment that can alleviate both the mind and body. Using mild, rhythmic strokes, the massage therapist at the spa can help clients feel deeply relaxed especially in the midst of a troubled and chaotic day. With their massage therapy techniques done in an atmosphere with a relaxing background music and ambient lighting, clients get to experience stress relief, deep relaxation, and detoxification.

A spokesperson for NewMe Spa says, “Whether you are searching for relief from chronic soreness or simply want to treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation and pampering, NewMe Spa is the place to be. With its comforting ambient lighting and calming background music, NewMe Spa is absolutely a haven where the anxiety of the outside world dissolves and you leave feeling rejuvenated and renewed. It is no wonder why people visit NewMe Spa in Nicosia to delight in this joy. NewMe Spa features an expert team of beauty and massage specialists, who make use of the most comforting practices and therapeutic oils to help customers feel rejuvenated.”

Meanwhile, it should also be noted that NewMe Spa offers other kinds of treatments. Thus, when in need of facial treatment Nicosia residents can go to NewMe Spa. They offer tailor-fitted facial treatments for clients, taking into account the specific skin care demands of each client. They can offer deep detox facial treatment for removing all of the grime and impurities from the pores of the face; buccal sculpting facial massage therapy to enhance blood circulation and promote young looking skin; make-up, eyelash and eyebrow lamination; and more.

They also offer various kinds of body treatment, such as body exfoliation, which helps to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal the healthy and radiant skin underneath. This also helps in stimulating cell turnover and in boosting circulation while re-energising and stimulating the body. They also offer Oriental body treatments that are based on traditional Chinese medicine. And they can also provide triple action therapy, which happens to be one of their most in demand treatments. This is because it can help sculpt the body to bring back its shape and tightness, decrease cellulite, and enhance skin elasticity.

Another spa treatment that they offer is microblading. This is provided by their highly knowledgeable and skilled beauty consultants who employ the most advanced methods and ultramodern equipment to provide a natural and flawless look that may last for many months. To ensure that they consider the specific needs and preferences of each client, each brow shaping session will start with a discussion with the beauty therapist to properly evaluate the facial features and then recommend the best shade, shape, and thickness for the eyebrows.

They also offer microneedling, where they use sterilized very small needles to puncture the facial skin to produce micro lesions that will stimulate collagen regeneration and promote cell turnover. The result is a firmer, younger and smoother skin.

They also offer a manicure, to provide clients with the kind of shape of nails they prefer. From rainbow nails to ombre nails, including the French manicure, they are proud of their quality manicure services for all nail fans in Cyprus.

Founded in 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus, NewMe Spa started in a small room in a shared co-working space but they finally achieved their dream when they moved to a five-bedroom listed house in 2019. They want to point out that the company was founded on the three pillars of hospitality, service quality, and customer relations. Clients will feel the atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation in their one-of-a-kind spa building, which reminds them of “φιλοξενία” or filoxenia, which means hospitality. As such, they believe that what distinguishes them from other spas is their homely feel. They pride themselves in offering unique client care by understanding their personality and catering to their specific needs. In their search for excellence, they only use the top award-winning cosmetic brands for their clients.

When in need of massage Nicosia residents can check out the NewMe Spa website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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