Non-Profit Announces Online Educational Courses on Aircraft Records Best Practices for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

June 07, 2023 at 20:31

Ocean Shores, WA – The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence (BAR), an industry-specific non-profit corporation, is pleased to announce the launch of a series of online educational courses designed specifically for aircraft maintenance personnel.

BAR’s online courses cover a wide range of topics, including the importance of aircraft records, maintenance records and documentation, logbook entries, certificates of airworthiness, data approval, and much more. The courses draw on information from the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Handbook, the Airman Certification Standards, and the real-world experience of BAR’s team of maintenance professionals with over 200 years of combined experience in business aircraft maintenance and operations.

“An update to the education materials available for aircraft documentation and recordkeeping is long overdue," said Larry Hinebaugh, Executive Director of BAR. “We believe that our courses can help increase professionalism and best practices in the aviation industry, which is vital to improved safety, increased compliance, and reduced errors.”

BAR’s online courses are self-paced, so students can complete them at their own convenience. BAR also offers group discounts and special pricing for schools and training centers.

Students that pass all ten courses may apply for Certified Aircraft Documents Specialist designation that will alert employers and other industry professionals of their achievements.

The purpose of these courses (and all of BAR's educational outreach activities) is to raise the professional standards, prestige, and payscale of aircraft technicians by recognizing their vital role in the aviation industry and in maintaining the exemplary safety record in the industry.

Anyone who has worked with aircraft records as a technican, broker, appraiser or owner can attest to how important it is to have the aircraft records in order. And how frustrating it can be if the recordkeeping has been neglected.

And yet, in typical aircraft technician education programs, very little time is devoted the importance of recordkeeping, and best practices to ensure this is done properly.

These courses are designed to rectify that situation.

Courses available include:

The Importance of Aircraft Records

Maintenance Records and Documentation

Title 14 CFR, Parts 43.9 and 43.11

Logbook Entries and Return to Service Requirements

Certificates of Airworthiness and 8130-3 Airworthiness Certificates

8110-3 and 8900-1 Data Approval

TCs, STCs, Form 337s, and ICAs

Excessive or Unnecessary InformationTask Cards,

EOs, and SRM References

AD Notes, SBs, ASCs, and Modifications

Electronic Aircraft Records

To learn more about BAR’s online educational courses and how they can benefit one's team, please visit

About the Foundation for Business Aircraft Excellence

The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence (BAR) is a Nevada based 501C(6) Industry Specific Non-Profit Corporation.

Its mission is to improve business aircraft record keeping practices through professional education and technology awareness. Business aircraft record keeping continues to take a backseat to a more urgent matter … keeping the aircraft flying upon demand. But this neglect has caused aircraft owners and operators alike to be both extremely inconvenienced, and financially harmed, by the poor aircraft record keeping practices we employ today. Good aircraft record keeping is critically important to maintaining an aircraft’s Airworthiness and value; and communicates a compelling testimony in support of the Professional Management of each aircraft. They believe that improving aircraft record keeping practices will not only benefit business aviation, it will increase both the pay and image of the aircraft maintenance professional.


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