Rainbow Notary And Nuptials Offers 24/7 Virtual Notarization in Florida

January 17, 2022 at 07:40

Jacksonville, FL - Florida-based Rainbow Notary And Nuptials is proud to offer round-the-clock notarization services.

Through their Remote Online Notary in FL, Rainbow Notary And Nuptials reach out to their clients wherever they may be. The significance of remote online notaries is also essential in keeping clients safe during the pandemic. Their services allow them to do Virtual Notarization in Florida while their clients are at home or anywhere in the world.

Rainbow Notary And Nuptials says that virtual notarization gave them an unlimited opportunity for the client to "meet" with the notaries. The company utilizes the Remote Online Notary platforms that have a Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA), which verifies the signer's identity and credential analysis of driver's license or passport. In addition, the platform allows the clients and the Rainbow Notary And Nuptials team to have a face-to-face video conference which is recorded and stored for ten years and keeps the transaction secured and verified.

During the process, clients can use a cell phone or a tablet or computer and sign documents anywhere in the world and send it to the Rainbow Notary And Nuptials in Florida. Once they receive the documents, it is then brought to the Florida Secretary of State the same day and sent back to clients right away via FedEx.

With their 24/7 service, the Rainbow Notary And Nuptials likewise assure fast and efficient notary. The Florida company also assured that they have the right people to do the job. Most of them are members of the National Notary Association. They add that "everyone is licensed, bonded, and insured."

As the country and even the world continue to battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, Rainbow Notary And Nuptials say their contact-free service is one of their contributions to ensure safety. However, though done virtually, the company maintains its focus on people.

"Technology enables deeper human expertise to service customers, and along with that comes better service and relationships. Free from rote tasks and redundancies, professionals can put their focus where it should be – on the people they serve," they add.

Furthermore, they offer free consultation on all their services. They also provide personalized service, putting their client's needs on top. Interested parties may check all their services through their website at https://rainbownotaryandnuptials.com/.

With its main office in Jacksonville, the Rainbow Notary And Nuptials also serves the surrounding areas in Florida. They cater to clients in St. Augustine, Daytona, Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Miami.

To contact Rainbow Notary And Nuptials, clients may call (904) 333-7311 or email 904rainbow@gmail.com. Rainbow Notary And Nuptials is located at 428 W Adams Street Jacksonville, FL 32202.


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